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7 Hard Truths for Marketing in the Modern Age Content Marketing, Social Media 5 Comments »

Content Shoplifting

Be a better marketer. Access our free content amplification solution. To no one’s surprise, content and social media are two of the fastest growing focuses in digital marketing today. Within these are niches, such as analytical data, front-end web development, blogging, and so on. In the time that I’ve been an online… continue reading.

3 Ways Businesses Should Be Writing Content Content Creation 1 Comment »

Bored at Work

Content drives awareness, traffic and sales. Shareaholic powers brand publishing. Blogging for businesses, private clients and people other than yourself is an upward climb. Not only do you have to take on the persona of someone else, it is up to you to generate content, topics and results. For the everyday… continue reading.

9 Mistakes Entry-Level Bloggers Make Blogging Tips 11 Comments »

What about content marketing

Tools so good you’ll be an expert in no time. Shareaholic powers content marketing. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of business blogging, a crucial leg of any content marketing campaign. Most corporate-sponsored blogs are subpar, ones full of promotional content that don’t actually work for the company.… continue reading.

The Blog Quality vs. Quantity Paradox Content Creation, Content Marketing 11 Comments »

The Blog Quality vs Quantity Paradox

Drive traffic that matters. Test drive our content amplification solutions. Blogging professionally for clients in a range of industries, I’m often asked: “What’s better? A higher frequency of short posts or fewer long-form, in-depth articles?” Answering that question was a priority of mine, especially when I took word counts, the time… continue reading.

How Boring Businesses Can Write Exciting Blogs Blogging Tips, Content Creation, Content Marketing 6 Comments »

Storytelling and Content Flow

Build better blogs. Activate the Shareaholic content amplification platform. More than two-thirds of all businesses use content marketing to attract potential customers to online assets. Among these, most use a combination of blogs, social media, and other strategies to maximize exposure. But what makes a brand exciting enough to deserve the time… continue reading.