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An Optimistic Outlook on Native Advertising Native Advertising 6 Comments »

Times Square advertising

Be better marketers.¬†Utilize Shareaholic. Is native advertising evil? and is it more than just the latest fad in an industry, ironically, dying for attention? As controversial is it may be, I can think of dozens of other things more worthy of the label ‘evil.’ Native advertising doesn’t even come close.… continue reading.

The Lowdown on Native Advertising Content Marketing, Native Advertising 2 Comments »


Take your content marketing to new heights.¬†See what Shareaholic can do. Considered the new saving grace in an industry failing to capture enough ad dollars even as more and more readers flock to consume content, native advertising is not without its problems. The negative sentiment towards the new trend reads:… continue reading.

These 3 Issues Are Crippling Digital Publishers Content Creation, Native Advertising 3 Comments »

Digital publishing is a mess

Drive traffic and keep readers engaged. Test drive our content amplification tools. The future of publishing is hotly debated. The advent of the internet and mobile technology has greatly revolutionized a formerly traditional industry, giving it new form and new life. Ten years ago, few experts could have accurately predicted… continue reading.

11 Statistics That Prove Native Advertising Outperforms Display and PPC Native Advertising 24 Comments »

Native Advertising Campaigns-- Critical Elements for Success

Drive more traffic, boost reader engagement. Unlock our content amplification suite. My first encounter with a native ad was in 2009; it was the first sponsored post I ever saw. Although, for the life of me I can’t remember what it was, as an aspiring marketer, I recognized it was… continue reading.

Earn Money With Shareaholic Apps Native Advertising, Product Updates 1 Comment »

Through our collaboration with the 350,000+ site owners using the Shareaholic platform, we’ve discovered that for the majority of you, sharing and driving engagement for your content is only half of the equation. The real challenge: How can you earn money while doing what you love? When it comes to… continue reading.

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