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In Q4, Social Media Drove 31.24% of Overall Traffic to Sites [REPORT] Shareaholic Reports, Social Media 309 Comments »

Social Media Traffic Referrals Report 2011-2014 graph

Make money from your hard-earned pageviews. Monetize your passion with Promoted Content by Shareaholic. Social media platforms are eating every other traffic source’s lunch. Formerly, organic search (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) made up the lion’s share of overall visits to sites. In 2014, the tables turned. Data (which we also shared with BuzzFeed) confirms, “The… continue reading.

In Q3, Facebook Drove 4x More Traffic Than Pinterest [REPORT] Shareaholic Reports, Social Media 238 Comments »

Social Media Traffic Referrals Report Oct 2014 graph

Amplify your marketing with Shareaholic Promoted Content and reach 420 million consumers around the globe. With a $200 billion market cap and an active user base that rivals the entire population of China, Facebook has significant staying power. For publishers, marketers and site owners, this is especially important because Facebook is the leading… continue reading.

In Q2, Facebook Drove 23.39% of Overall Visits to Sites [REPORT] Shareaholic Reports, Social Media 83 Comments »

Social Media Traffic Referrals July 2014 graph

Your audience raves about you. Help them discover and share your best content too. Facebook is the social network to end all social networks. At least, we have a bit of evidence to support that claim. In the 2nd Quarter 2014 edition of the Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Report, we reveal data that demonstrates Facebook’s… continue reading.

Visits From Bing and Yahoo Are Scarce, But They Offer More Engagement Than Google Shareaholic Reports 39 Comments »

Search Engine Post-Click Engagement

Get discovered and engage your audience. Upgrade to Shareaholic. The most compelling value proposition of SEO is access to free traffic. The beauty of an organic visit is also the credibility offered by search engines when one of your links is ranked towards the top of the first page for… continue reading.

Safari captures 26% of Web Browser Usage, beats Firefox and IE, but not Chrome Shareaholic Reports 6 Comments »

Browser Share Report chart May 2014

Want to boost reader engagement, social sharing and traffic? Try our publisher solutions. Welcome to Shareaholic’s Browser Share Report. Last October, we noted Chrome’s ascent to become the industry’s clear market leader. Since then, we’ve continued to track the different browsers web users — 250+ million of ‘em — use when they… continue reading.

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