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As a blogger, you have a lot to think about. Between thinking up what post to write next, promoting your content on social media, responding to comments from readers and running giveaways, you have enough to think about. Managing a ton of tools, trinkets and widgets shouldn’t be yet another thing that flusters you.

Less is more. Don’t overwhelm your readers with choices of actions to take – various kinds of share buttons or overloading your sidebar with badges and more.

Look for multi-functional blogging features, like WordPress plugins that make it easy to maintain several different features all within settings screen. With Shareaholic for WordPress, you get:

The bonus? Since all of these features work in sync with each other, you get the best possible performance and prevent your site from slowing down with excess code.

So if you’re a WordPress blogger, don’t hesitate. Be sure to check out all of the features that the Shareaholic WordPress plugin has to offer.

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  • Great information, Janet!! I <3 my Sharaholic features! :)

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