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To help our publishers grow faster and smarter, today we’ve added support for a number of new share buttons.

These services include: Flipboard, Kindle It, Meneame, Mixi, Odnoklassniki, Sina Weibo, Symphony, and XING.

Flipboard, Mixi, Weibo share buttons supported

Business owners, marketers and publishers can all benefit by adding these buttons to their arsenal of social media sharing icons to amplify reader engagement and traffic.

Here are a few quick stats that demonstrate the potential and reach of some of these services:

  • Flipboard — with more than 100 million active readers, Flipboard, the personalized social news magazine, is one of the best ways to place your content in front of relevant audiences.
  • Kindle It — it’s a no-brainer that you’d want people to feel comfortable reading your content on their preferred device.
  • Odnoklassniki — to connect with over 200 million registered users in Russia and beyond, share to Odnoklassniki.
  • Sina Weibo — known as the Twitter of Asia, Weibo boasts 503 million registered users.
  • XING — the European business networking platform captures a premium audience of 14 million members.

Are there any other services you think we should add here? If so, let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, if you do not currently use Shareaholic buttons, get ’em here (also available for WordPress and for Drupal).

  • Hi K Little,
    You can definitely turn-off Promoted Content! Here’s a helpful article on how: . Please let me know if you have any questions or need help with this.
    Thank you,
    Mary Anne | Shareaholic

  • instagram? Whatsapp?

    • cseher

      Hello Fernando!

      We currently offer the Instagram follow button, but not a share button, because it’s impossible to successfully/seamlessly share blog posts through Instagram’s image-centric interface, if that makes sense.

      We do not currently offer a WhatsApp service, but your feedback is what drives our decision making when we look to offer further services! So thank you so very much! Your Vote counts!

      Thank you, and Sincerely!

    • @disqus_rX1KjwVspJ:disqus WhatsApp is now available! –

  • cseher


    Thank you for your feedback! The buttons that we offer as options are based on user requests for new services, and we add them when the number of requests reaches a critical mass.

    With the increasing number of socially relevant sites, we also understand that all those choices can be a bit overwhelming, so again, we have made them available as options, easily addable or removable, per location.

    I hope this helps, and all the best!

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