You asked, we delivered! We’re pleased to announce social share count support for the Shareaholic Floated Share Buttons App. This feature is available immediately to all publishers and can be turned on by logging into your Shareaholic Dashboard. Enjoy!

floating share buttons with share counts

  • Thanks! This is awesome :)

    • Hi Loupe, we’re so glad you like it! Any suggestions for how we can make it better? :)

  • Pretty neat Jay and Danny….thanks for the update ;)


  • Love the floating share bar but… can you also add an option to float at the *bottom* of the window? That works a lot better for responsive designs on tablets. It would also be nice to be able to tweak the location in pixels.

    One other thing… a gray version, with all the buttons in gray. I personally like the colors, but there are times when it conflicts with the design of the site, especially when the site is muted colors or grays.

    • Hey Russ, these are awesome suggestions. I especially love the grayscale idea. Will see what our team can do about ’em!

      • Thanks. I used Wibya on a number of Joomla sites I built for clients, and have been looking for a reliable solution since they shut down last December. Haven’t been satisfied with any of the plugins I’ve found. Sharaholic works great. I’m using it in conjunction with a plugin that allows me to insert your code in the header for every page. (I’m using Open Potion Head and Body, but here are others out there that serve that function as well.) I prefer doing that rather than altering the template so I don’t have to reinsert the code if I re-upload a new version of the template.

    • Russ, quick question. When you refer to bottom floated buttons, you mean center aligned, horizontally set buttons, right? I’d love it if you could share any examples of this. If not, no worries. Just trying to make sure I fully understand you here :)

      • Yes, that’s what I mean.

        • Noted. Thanks!

        • Social share buttons are becoming more important for mobile, particularly tablets because people are using them as primary reading devices.

        • Indeed!

          Also, you’re welcome. I know a few other sites that fancy that feature too :)

    • @altmktg:disqus I know this is long overdue, but hopefully still useful for you! We made it possible to “vertically offset” your floated share buttons, which will tweak the location in pixels or as a relative percentage for a browser’s height.

      Here are the deets:

      • Yes, I’ve been playing with this. The problem is that on a smartphone there really isn’t any vertical border space to work with, so it overlaps/hides the text on the page. It would be nice to have more over at what point the toolbar hides. Bottom of the screen would also solve the issue in most cases.

  • Hello, I am having a problem with the Twitter counter. Although my stuff is being shared via twitter nothing appears as a number on the counter inside the post. Any guesses ? My site is

    • Hm. No guesses at the moment. When the week starts, I’ll see what we can do about this. I have noticed you do get twitter share counts on your homepage. Odd that the posts don’t show anything yet. Will keep you posted!

      • Thank you. I will be waiting for your answer :)

        • Hi Jo Di, just emailed you with some important thoughts here :)

        • Problem solved ! Thank you Danny for the consultation !

          p.s. –> I hate you !

  • Hi Danny! Thanks for the update! I have been waiting for it! A couple of questions though: is there a way to have the hover color effect work for the counter area as well? At the moment the color only changes on the icon itself. And another question: are you planning to add an option to have the floating share bar appear only on posts and to disable it on homepage and other pages? Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment, Timur. Regarding both things: we’re working on it :) Our developers are working hard to make a large number of improvements and these two are certainly among them. Will update you here when those changes have been made!

      • Thanks, Danny! :)

        • Timur, we’ve fixed the color issue with floated share buttons! Let me know if you see it on your end ;)

        • Hi Danny! That was quick! It all works perfectly on my end now! :) Thanks for fixing it!

        • That’s great news!

          Will keep you posted on the other stuff.

    • Hi Timur, a quick update here:

      I just emailed you with instructions for manually disabling floating share buttons on specific pages. If you didn’t get it, see the update I added at the end of this post :)

      cc @michaelglass4:disqus @sat_admin:disqus

  • Ric

    Hi guys, what a well-designed plugin, I really like it! Im having a little bit of an issue though…I cant seem to make “related posts to work. I installed the [plugin, set every possible settings but still shows as “processing” and nothing shows up in related posts. I also copy/pasted the code: [shareaholic app='recommendations' id='my id went here'] but still no luck. would you help me please? Thank you very much already.

  • Fantastic update Danny ! Already implemented at

    Following up with Timur’s inquiry. It’d be great to find out how to disable it on the front page/certain pages. Thanks for a terrific effort as always!

    • I love your site’s design! … and I think our buttons look pretty awesome with your template :)

      I’ll absolutely let you know once we add the ability to disable the buttons on certain pages. Cheers!

      • Much obliged Danny, and without Shareaholic, the site would lose alot of it shine : ))))

        And again …. !

    • Emailed you an update here :D

  • I had an unverifiable site (don’t ask me why). I recreated it and it worked.

    Is there any way to remove a site from inside my Shareaholic account?

    • Absolutely! Here’s what you need to do:

      1) Log in to and click on the “settings” icon at the top right
      2) Click on Site Tools
      3) Click the Setting button on the unverified blog (the one without the checkmark next to the name)
      4) Click the X next to the “Get Setup Code” button

      Let me know if you run into issues. Happy to see what we can do!

      • Thanks Danny! Simple once I knew what to look for.

        • You’re welcome! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  • Super AWESOME share bar you guys have put together. Here are my thoughts:
    1. Would be nice if the bar could have a custom width (or size). On my website and I’m sure on others the bar would be more visually appealing in a larger size
    2. The More Options icon is a bit confusing (not clear), I wonder if a simple plus sign would be more conveying?

    3. And (of course) similar visual settings to your static share bars would be great too. I’m sure that is already in the works :)

    Keep up the great work! Love what you guys are doing!!

    • Chris, thanks for sharing all of this. Regarding each point:
      #1 we’re looking into ways to make this available. We love providing more options but want to make sure they’ll actually look good :)
      #2 hm. will have to think about this one a bit more
      #3 you guessed right!
      I think you (and many others) will love what we have brewing here at Shareaholic’s HQ :)

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply Danny! Looking foward to seeing what you guys come up with.

      • Hey Danny, I submitted this problem to what I thought was your support but never received a reply back. It does not appear that the G+ count is pulling in for my site (see image below). Any ideas on what’s going on?

        Web Builder: Squarespace

        • Chris, thanks for checking in. Sorry about the delayed response! Currently, we only support G+ counts for users of our WordPress plugin and Drupal module. We are working on a way to enable G+ counts for users of :)

  • Love this share bar but really want to be able to disable it on the homepage and a couple of other pages. Any ideas on how I can do that?

    • That’s not available yet. Fingers crossed our dev team can sort that out soon!

    • Just emailed you! :)

      • Got it! Thanks Danny will give it a whirl when I get a chance and let you know

        • Standing by if you need anything!

        • Hi Danny, been having some problems with making changes on your site that are not being reflected on my site. Originally I was able to turn the share bar on and it showed on all pages… now when I turn it on, it doesn’t show on any pages.

        • Oh no! I’ve emailed you for more info.

  • david

    Hola. Felicidades por el sistema flotante !!!
    Sería mejor si le dan opción a visualizarse en equipos móbiles, como teléfonos y tabletas. De hecho, yo lo necesito.
    Un gran saludo.

    Hello. Congratulations for the floating system!
    It would be better if you give option to be displayed on mobiles devices, such as phones and tablets. In fact, I need it.

    • Hi David, we decided not to add floating share buttons for mobile devices at this time. The reason being: the buttons would cover a lot of your site’s content. We are looking into ways to make it available without taking up too much screen space. Of course, that’s a work in progress. Stay tuned!

      • david

        Gracias por responder.

        Aunque he hecho pruebas y la barra desaparece aproximadamente a 45% del ancho de la pantalla de mi monitor de 13 pulgadas. Eso está muy bien !!!.

        Sin embargo, en mi samsung ace, no se puede ver.

        Mi tema wordpress es “responsive”, y allí tengo otra barra vertical y no me obstruye la visión. Creo suponer que podrías cambiar el valor del ancho de pantalla mínimo para desaparecer la barra. Eso podría dar solución a los que tengamos “responsive”, por el momento. Que te parece ?

        Si quieres hacemos la prueba y tomas tu decisión para los “responsive”.

        • We’ll surely be looking into ways to create an unobtrusive vertical share bar in the future. If we can design one that’s beautiful, effective and doesn’t interfere with the reader’s experience, we’ll share it with you and all our others users :)

  • Rupz

    First of all thanks to SAT for such a cool plugin. I want little favour; I want to disable on some of pages on my site. I am using WordPress on and want to disable on posts listing pages and single post page. I had used the option in new page, but unable to disable in posts and single post page. Could you please help me in this??

    • Hi there. Thanks for choosing Shareaholic! Since you’re using the WP plugin, it’ll be best to wait until we make it easy to exclude pages inside the plugin. Currently there is a manual process for this, but it’s better to wait until we’ve made a new update to the plugin to add the feature in. Cheers!

  • rai

    Hi… for the floating share buttons, how do i customize the text and image which it shares ? Currently it takes random sentences and images. Please tell me the solution

    • Hi @disqus_hd4tfwdNjb:disqus, thanks for reaching out.

      Would you mind emailing me:

      In the email, I’d love to know your site’s URL and examples of posts where you’re seeing this issue.


    • Big Boy Travel

      @Rai. I would suggest adding Yoast All In One SEO which lets you add a meta description & title for each page very easily which not only helps you get found but is also what shows up on a share. With the featured image you can set that in the coding otherwise Facebook ect will pull from a few images on the page. Most themes let you set a featured image for each page also.

  • cseher

    Hello there,

    Thanks for your great suggestion, and we will take it into consideration as a new feature request. It’s your feedback which drives the changes/additions to services that we make, so thank you again!


  • cseher

    Hello Sanel,

    I would be happy to help you sort out any issue you are having! I will send you an email now!


  • @sanelokic:disqus @michaelglass4:disqus “Display Rules” are now baked right into the product settings. Learn more about how to set them here –

  • Greeg Gimongala

    Hi Jay, is there a way to count Google+ share? My blog got few shared links already but on my G+ still zero count. Visit my blog – . And this is the SharedCount tracking – . Please advise. Thanks

  • This is a wonderful post….I love Shareaholic plugin…but one thing is painful that the Shareaholic is now not free to show the share count and it is a bug cause for the slow web page in Google Pagespeed insight. Can you please defer or async javascript code’s that is used in the plugin. I hope the Shareaholic team will give a quick attention to this matter for easy loading… and make the SEO matter easier for the new blogger.

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