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We’ve continued to improve this offering, and now our Floated Share buttons do even more! They come fully-loaded with a slew of great features:

  1. Optimized for Mobile
  2. Available in Giant Size
  3. Full Color Customization
  4. Custom Positioning
  5. Share Counts
  6. Smart Sort
  7. Conditional Share Counts & Advanced Display Rules


At Shareaholic, we want you to be even more successful. That being said, our mission has always been to help you drive more quality engagement and reach for your content across the web.

This is why, today, we are proud to introduce Floated Share Buttons App for your website, store and blog.

Example of Floating Share Buttons

Turn on Floated Share Buttons now »
Two minutes is all you’ll need to make your site even more stunning.

Among the hundreds of thousands of sites powered by Shareaholic, floating share buttons has been one of our most requested features. So much so that one Shareaholic enthusiast figured out a way to create a cool floating bar with our plugin.

Now, we’ve made it 1-click easy — no code necessary — for all of our users to enable Floated Share Buttons.

Here’s a quick how-to for enabling Floating Share Buttons:

  1. As always, sign into your account (or, if you’re using one of our CMS plugins ex. WordPress or Drupal, click on “Edit General Settings” from within the plugin), and notice that Floated Share Buttons are now available.

Settings for Floated Share Buttons by Shareaholic

  1. Toggle the little button on the far right to turn Floated Share Buttons on (green) or off (red).
  2. Hit the Settings Icon icon next to the on/off option to configure settings and arrive here:

Updated Floating Share Buttons Settings

  1. Want your share buttons to be just perfect on your site? Select your button size (normal/mini), activate share counts (or leave them off), and adjust bar alignment (left/right). Turn the “more options button” on (green) if you want to make it available to allow visitors to share to other networks, or turn it off (red) entirely. And if you want your buttons to look just right on your site, adjust their vertical offset to position them perfectly with your site’s theme.
  2. Customize the set of buttons you *want* to feature. At the bottom, find the social networks you love and click to add those buttons to your floating share bar. Select as many or as few as you like. p.s. our share buttons are 100% responsive, in other words they are “mobile- and tablet-friendly”.
  3. Don’t care for certain share buttons? Deselect them by hovering over each one on the preview screen and clicking the little “x” to remove it.
  4. Want a specific share button to be the first one your readers see? Arrange your buttons in whatever order you like by hovering over each one you want to move, clicking-and-holding it, then dragging it to its desired position.

Click, Drag and Delete Specific Floating Share Buttons

  1. Finally, when you are done, scroll down to hit “Save Settings,” and see the new buttons appear on your site. Pretty neat, huh?

Oh, and did I forget to mention this new feature is free? If you’re not a user yet, unlock our content amplification platform here. Otherwise, enable Floated Share Buttons now! Your readers will thank you for it with all the social shares in the world.

Turn on Floated Share Buttons now »
Two minutes is all you’ll need to make your site even more stunning.

In case you have any problems with this or want to ask a clarifying question, visit our helpdesk or leave a comment below! Standing by :-D

Update: Now you can disable floating share buttons on specific pages. Here are the instructions.

Update #2: Re-position your floating share buttons with our latest “Vertical Offset” feature. Read about it here.

158 Responses to “Our Share Buttons Float, Do Yours?”

  1. Hey Danny,

    Thanks for sharing this and linking my article. Appreciate it.

    Honestly, I have not used Shareaholic much before this but since I published ‘that post’, I installed Shareaholic on nearly all my sites.

    Lovely guide and thanks! Submitted to inbound too!

    • Danny Wong says:

      Hi Reginald,

      A big thanks to you and Dani for the post! Also, much thanks for submitting this story to inbound.

      If you end up using Floated Share Buttons, do feel free to share any feedback about how we can make this feature better!


  2. Richard says:

    Great feature. But it would be great to add further customisation like disabling it from showing up on every page (like home page or contact page). I’d like to just enable it on my posts.

  3. SNEAKERscholar says:

    Thanks for posting this. I like the fixed buttons most of all.

    When I use the ‘normal’ buttons, they’re spaced 10px apart. If I switch to ‘mini’ icons, they’re aligned flush like you have the larger ones on this page.

    Didn’t find anything in the knowledge base. Any way to fix this? I prefer to use the larger ‘normal’ buttons, with the tight alignment.

  4. Crystal M says:

    This is a great feature and one I’ve wanted for awhile now. Thank you for adding it! The only other thing I’d love to see is a Facebook Like button. Sometimes readers just want to click like and not have to go through the entire sharing process.

    • Danny Wong says:

      Noted. Thanks, Crystal. I’ll look into how we can integrate this feature too!

    • Trending Zoo says:

      Ironically, I find too many “Share” bars only include the option to “like” instead of fully “share.” I always imagined more readers would rather share and include their own comment as opposed to simply “like”! :)

      • Crystal M says:

        I prefer to have both options available to accommodate readers. For instance, if I’m on a tablet or my phone, I can’t always go through the “share” process but I’d still like to click like in order to share the post or sort of bookmark it for later. Then I can come back and share to groups, my pages, etc. I’ve had readers tell me that as well. So for my site, having both options would be wonderful!

        • Danny Wong says:

          Great point. Sometimes I find myself “liking” without wanting to add a comment (more out of sheer laziness than anything else). We had a “like” button in the past, but we noticed there was more social sharing activity when users disabled it. It’s counterintuitive, but I think the psychology is in encouraging users to actively share vs a passive ‘like’. Conscious “shares” get your FB friends to engage more with your post (typically because users who “share” a post also add thoughtful commentary). When we did redesigns of our buttons, I suppose we let the “like” fall to the wayside. Will see how we can bring it back!

        • Andreas 'aNdy' Berggreen says:

          Hi Danny

          I would love to see the “Like button” added again as a feature. Any news on this?

        • Danny Wong says:

          No big updates *yet*. Thanks for checking in though. If there are any new developments here, I promise to reach out to you once it’s ready!

        • Trending Zoo says:

          Good point, I didn’t think about the mobile aspect! I suppose it also depends on the site’s main traffic source. Although the best option would be for BOTH options to appear on the share bar so that the user can decide :)

        • Danny Wong says:

          Totally agree here. Fingers crossed we can do this soon!

  5. Quick note Danny.

    How do you actually make those floating sidebar having a small space? Didn’t like the ‘stick-to-all’ feature :/


  6. Nathan says:

    Is there anyway to add the “Share this” logos above the floating buttons?

  7. hobbsy says:

    Hi, may I ask what you’re using for your share buttons at the top of the blog post


    Is this a feature of the Shareaholic WP plugin? (they look great btw :))

  8. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the Danny, love shareaholic. Publishers like me face hard times starting up with hosting/theme etc. Free plugin like yours is of great help.

    • Danny Wong says:

      That’s great to hear, Andrew. Any thoughts about what we can do better? Ultimately, our goal is to empower all publishers, so your suggestions would be useful!

      • Andrew says:

        Hi Danny, can I achieve a floating bar like this with shareaholic?

        • Danny Wong says:

          Currently, no. Our floated share buttons are only come in two styles. If that is the specific design you’d love to have, we likely won’t have that available anytime soon. If you’re ultimate goal is to have buttons that stand out from the crowd and drive more social engagement, you should totally give us a shot. ;)

          In any case, hope you enjoy your weekend, Andrew!

        • Andrew says:

          Actually I am all done with my website. Only thing left is Social share icons. I was just wondering if that design was available in the plugin. I definitely love the plugin and going to add it today and complete my website. :)

        • Danny Wong says:

          Woohoo! Would love to see the design when it’s live (lmk if you need help testing functionality or anything too). Cheers!

        • Andrew says:

          Hey done installing shareaholic. Thanks. Doing some security measures, taking backup, installing akismet. Well, I’ll make it live soon but after 1 blog article. For now, its all noindex and nofollow. Thanks for all help.

        • Danny Wong says:

          No thanks needed :) I’m excited to see it!

  9. Maninder Pal Singh says:

    Hi Danny, thanks for the plugin. Any updates on disabling the floating bar on specific pages? I have disabled it for now. Also, the share buttons for the blog post are really great and are exactly like my blogs theme. :) Please post an update when floating bar can be disabled for specific pages.

  10. daniel says:

    How can i disable the floating buttons on specific pages? Like on categories, tags etc

  11. Timo Kiander says:

    Hi Danny!

    I think that Shareaholic looks great but I just have one concern:

    I find that it’s a little bit confusing to configure it – considering that I have a Shareaholic WP plugin, and under Site Tools (in config portal) there is Apps and Locations.

    In each of these three places I can configure the location and other settings related to Shareaholic. So, I’m a bit confused which one I should use to configure my Shareaholic bar?

    For instance, do I need the WP plugin in the first place? Because it seems that it’s setting override the ones I make on the configuration portal.

    I would really like to test this plugin, but right now I’m not sure which config setting I should touch. Maybe you could help me out?



    • Danny Wong says:

      Thanks for asking Timo. I totally understand that the duplicate interfaces can get confusing. In the meantime, we are working on making it more intuitive!

      I would highly recommend keeping the WP plugin because it allows for certain capabilities (such as server-side Share Counts to show counts for G+, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Buffer).

      The config panel is for unique extras which display under “APPS” such as floating share buttons and the cookie consent bar.

      If you’re using the plugin, everything under “LOCATIONS” will be redundant and I would suggest ignoring those :)

  12. littleoslo says:

    I suggested to add sina weibo button into shareaholic few years ago …. Is it that difficult ? There are so many buttons people hardly use there while the popular one is missing.

    And I would like to have more asian social media icons to choose from specially the japanese one as well.

    Thank you, and I would give this floating feature a try.

    The more options you offer, the more users would love to use !

  13. Arun says:

    I fail to understand why none of the share plugins are supporting big mashable kind of share buttons like these ones… These is SO MUCH demand for it… I would so so love to see them with Shareaholic

  14. Yogananth Gopinathan says:

    it would be great if it works on mobile devices …!

  15. Is there a way to turn floated share buttons off on mobile? Thanks a lot

  16. anon e mouse says:

    The floating buttons don’t display correctly on mobile devices; they cover content text.

    I’m using the Weaver II theme for WordPress.

    Will send you the url backchannel, if want to see this “in action” and you contact me directly.

  17. Mike Query says:

    Is there an easy way to disable floating share buttons on other pages besides posts using WordPress? If I paste that code into the header it disables it sitewide. And I’m not sure which template it would need to go in, or where, in the Editor.

  18. How would I go about enabling the share buttons to show up on a mobile device? I haven’t been able to find that setting or an explanation on how to do it.


    • Danny Wong says:

      You can’t…. just yet :)

      We’re working on a new floating share buttons set that’s specific to mobile. I’ll be sure to update you here once it’s live!

  19. Danny, what is the custom code to stop the floating bar from scrolling near the ending of the website. If you look at my post at, and scroll to the bottom, it becomes ugly

  20. Hugh Briss says:

    Why do we have to manually add code so the buttons don’t show on our main or other pages and only show on post pages? Surely it can’t be that hard for you to set it up so we can select whether to show on pages or not. The Digg Digg bar has some simple settings to accomplish this.

  21. Mahmudur Khan says:

    is there a tutorial on how to stop the floating button from coming in all the pages.? I just want it on the post. using wordpress can any one help?

  22. Nitin Shah says:

    Hi, I have added the shareaholic wordpress plugin on my website. Have activate the floating bar which is also visible on mobile. Is there a way to turn it off on mobile?

  23. Hi Lex – It looks l like you have the floating share buttons up and working, but let us know if you still need help!

    • Lex dePraxis says:

      Hi Devin, I just checked using Chrome mobile and Dolphin, the floating buttons still don’t work as expected. The floating buttons only work on desktop version. Help please.. :)

      • Hi Lex – I apologize for my confusion: I missed that you are on mobile. We limit visibility of floating share buttons on mobile devices, because they cover up site content. They will display on tablets that are minimum 400x700px. I hope this helps!

  24. Kristoffe Brodeur says:

    Can I use this like diggdigg? I wanted to show share buttons on each blog post in the home page where (#) say 5 show up (read more) and then the share buttons on each.

    Is that possible with shareaholic?

    • Danny Wong says:

      Hi @kristoffebrodeur:disqus, indeed it is! You just have to activate our share buttons on “index” pages. Let us know if you run into any issues. We’re here to help!

  25. wisefreaks says:

    How to disable code on homepage and menu pages? Only to appear on post pages. Using weaver II theme they suggest using their custom ruling section to add the script and not change the main editor but putting this code is not showing anywhere on site.

    window.shareaholic_settings = { apps: { floated_share_buttons: { enabled: false } } };

    Please tell the right code to put in CSS rule box of weaver II theme.

  26. Allenchigs says:

    Is there an easy way to disable floating share buttons on my site when its on a mobile device. my html5 site is responsive and was wondering if there was a way to make the buttons not to appear when its on a mobile site.

  27. cseher says:

    Hello There,

    I can see on your site that you have installed the resting share buttons in your side bar. As you said, since you have the floating buttons disabled, I cannot see/replicate the symptoms you are seeing. Is there anyway you would be willing to re-install so I can take a look?

    In the meantime, here is a link to information regarding how to position our floating share buttons:


  28. Jessie says:

    I’m new to blogging, and I cannot for the life of me find the analytics of how many shares my site and posts have had. I do no have the visible counter enabled on the blog, but I still want to be able to see the amount of shares my posts have gotten. Where on earth do I find that in my account?

    • cseher says:

      Hello Jessie!

      You can easily view your social analytics from your dashboard, by clicking the “Insights” button under whichever site you are interested in viewing! Please let me know if you have any further questions!


  29. cseher says:

    Hello again!

    In response to 1): We currently do not offer a “total share count” feature that can be displayed on a given page. That being said, it is an oft requested feature, and so we are taking the request to implement such a feature into close consideration!

    2): What is your website URL? Would you be willing to send that to me directly, and I can assist in troubleshooting your share counts? In the meantime, take a look at the share count FAQ pages below to see if perhaps there is a known issue effecting those counts!

    Thank you

  30. Can I add the margin-right:10%? hmm?

  31. Marissa says:

    I was so excited to use this, but it slows my website load time down to a crawl!

  32. cseher says:

    Hello there,

    I am sorry for the frustration. With all of the new devices that are coming out that have a range of sizes, we are constantly working to improve our responsive configurations across devices. Thank you for bringing this conflict to our attention! As a workaround, you might try selecting the smaller size configuration which will eliminate the obstruction.

    We really appreciate your feedback!


    • DJ says:

      Thanks for your reply cseher. I tried smaller size icons, which lessens the obscuring of text, but does not eliminate it. I was passing on the information that the problem may be limited to windows 8/8.1 tablets. These devices have been around for two years or so.

      • cseher says:


        Thanks for the follow up! We will keep your feedback in mind as we work to improve across devices!


  33. cseher says:

    Hello there,

    Would you be willing to reach out to me directly and further describe the issues you are running into with regard to your floating share buttons?

    I can be reached at

    Thank you,

  34. Thanks for you information, I was wondering how to fix certain with issues with shareaholic buttons in my website

  35. cseher says:

    Hello there Mirna,

    I am confident we can get this sorted out. Would you mind sending me your site URL? I’d love to take a look.


  36. Is there a way to add an option that allow a user to collapse the share buttons? I don’t see this (at least in the free version!) Thanks :)

  37. Magnus Roe says:

    Thank you for developing these vile things that are a complete pain in the ass to block.

  38. lilach says:

    it is very nice.. any clue why the mobile buttons are different? is there a way to change it so they will be like the side bar and with out the mail sms and whtsup buttons?

  39. Orange Angel says:

    Is there a way to customize the $title and $link with the Floating Buttons? I want them to share my homepage no matter what page they are on…

  40. cseher says:

    So sorry for any confusion!

    The content you are seeing is part of a feature we’ve rolled out called Promoted Content:

    Those that do display Promoted Content get paid accordingly and can track performance/earnings here:

    You can also tailor the promoted content that does display by using our exclusion tool:

    With regard to registering any changes to your Promoted Content settings, these usually take a short time to register across our system and your site, so we thank you for your patience! We want to make sure you are in control of the content! :)

    Please let me know if you have any questions about this!

    Happy to help!

  41. Attiq Haroon says:

    I have enabled float buttons and they used to work as they should. But now they started to behave wrong. Desktop floating buttons were showing up on mobile which is wrong. Please fix this

  42. cseher says:

    Hello There Carlos,

    I can see you successfully added those links to your exclusions. I went ahead and requested a manual re-generation of the file that will take those exclusions into account and this should be all set moving forward!

    Thank you,

  43. i want try , realy very good

  44. Dan says:

    Any update on only having the floating social bar on specific pages. I only want it showing up on my blog.

  45. samwichse says:

    Ironic, I came here from a Google search looking at how to disable all these stupid floating share and menu bar crap for websites. It’s merely annoying on desktop, but on my mobile screen, it’s punishingly inane enough to make me wish not to go back to that site.

    However, more and more idiots keep thinking “oh, this is a greak f***ing idea, let me take up 1/4-1/3 of the screen real estate with a garbage bar that almost no one actually wants to click and gets in the way of touchscreen scrolling.

    Not to mention the anoyance of these on the desktop failing to quite keep up with your scrolling, making it so you can page down without missing a couple lines of text.

    JUST STOP. Anyone looking at this and thinking “oh goody, this will be a good thing for my page/site/whatever” should seriously reconsider their intelligence.

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