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According to our data based on 200,000 publishers that reach 300 million people each month, nearly 34% of traffic to publisher sites is social media referral traffic. Many of those folks are new visitors who probably discovered your content through a social share.

With all of these new visitors coming to your site, it means that first impressions are everything. You’ve got to capture the interest of your new visitors from the beginning. What better what to put your best foot forward than by making it easier than ever for them to discover your best content?

Shareaholic Recommendations suggests your best posts at the bottom of each article you publish. By tapping into the context of your articles, we make relevant content suggestions to your readers so they stay on your site longer and reader more and more of your content per visit – increasing the change that they will become a subscriber.

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The results speak for themselves. In our free guide, The Definitive Guide to Related Content, you can learn more about the results Recommendations has for other bloggers just like you – increasing pageviews up to 29% in some cases!

Recommendations are easy to install, with just a few lines of code or the simple click of a button in the Shareaholic WordPress plugin. You can customize the theme of your Recommendations so they look extra great with the rest of your site, making an even better first impression on all those new visitors.

Note: We’re still perfecting Recommendations for Blogger. We’ll let you know when it’s available.


Consider giving related content a try today with Recommendations.

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  • tianakai

    I am a sucker for recommendations… I usually click on them. I have Disqus on my site and they include two articles at the bottom of each article, but I am not sure how satisfied I am with it yet. I do love their commenting system though.

    • As a reader, I love them too! Always like digging deeper into my favorite blogger’s sites and getting to discover more fun posts :) Thanks for reading!

  • I agree. First impression is the last impression..

  • Lorraine

    Turned them on and then off. I only want posts to be recommended, not pages too. An “include/exclude in recommendations” check box in the Sharaholic Screen Option section would solve the issue quite nicely.

    • Hey Lorraine – Are you using the Shareaholic WP plugin? Very soon we will have more customizations like that available for WP users. Thanks for checking them out!

      • Lorraine

        Yes – using the WP plugin. Looking forward to the customizations.

  • It’s a two-way street: you add my content to to your recommendations, I add your recommendations widget to my page.

  • I just added recommendations to my WordPress blog. Thanks for the great plugin.

  • What an awesome plug-in! A friend (Transaction Pro from below) mentioned she had installed it on her WordPress site, I’ve seen it on other sites and thought this is “VERY” cool. I just added it to one site and will be adding it to another here very shortly. Right now I’m only using the Recommendations, but will be checking out the other features as well.

    • Ginny Soskey

      Thanks for the kind words Nancy! So excited to have you become a part of the Shareaholic community. :) Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or the rest of the team, if you have any questions!

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