Recently, we released our Social Media Traffic Report, which noted Pinterest’s growing importance as a source of referral traffic for sites.

The biggest surprise? Pinterest drives more traffic to sites than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined!

Realizing there is a massive opportunity for sites to drive even more traffic from Pinterest, we built the perfect product for publishers to do just that.

Introducing Shareable Images

The latest addition to our suite of Shareaholic Publisher Tools allows site owners to automagically add share buttons to their images. Here’s a snapshot of how it would look:

Shareable Images, image share buttons

Also, if you mouse over the above image, you will notice a nifty “Pin It Button” (in the upper-left corner) is now available for you to share the image straight to Pinterest.

Essentially, this new feature will allow visitors to seamlessly share images (and the accompanying stories) they like if the site they are visiting is powered by Shareaholic.

One of our goals at Shareaholic is to make content more shareable across the Social and Visual Web.

Here are three reasons why you should be excited: 
  1. This is now available to our network of 300k publishers who reach more than 400mm people monthly. So even if you’re not a site owner and want to share images easier, your favorite blog might use our tools with this fun feature.
  2. It’s completely free. We want to empower sites to take full advantage of the Social and Visual Web, so we decided against charging exorbitant fees (or any fees for that matter).
  3. We’re starting with Pinterest (for obvious reasons). We know the power of Pinterest, and want to help publishers get more traffic from the growing social platform. Shortly, will add other visual services such as WeHeartIt, Twitter (which now shows images in feeds), etc.

Shareable Images is the simplest solution for site owners who want to make their content more shareable. Oh, and enabling Shareable Images takes less than 30 seconds. It’s as easy as checking a box and clicking save.

If this has convinced you to use Shareaholic tools, get ’em here and read the following instructions to learn how to opt-in and enable Shareable Images. If you already use Shareaholic tools, follow these five steps and watch the traffic roll in:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Go ahead and click “Edit” to access your account settings (or click here).
  3. Open up the “Site Tools” section.
  4. Click setting Shareable Images, which will take you to the “Edit Settings” page.
  5. Next, open the “Sharing” tab and click the box to check and enable Shareable Images
  6. Finally, scroll down to hit “Save Settings,” and voila!

Enabling Shareable Images

Simple, right?

What do you think of the new feature? Tweet us @Shareaholic or leave a comment on our Facebook page. For more feature details, visit our knowledge base.

Shareaholic Email Signup

Note from the Editor (July 1st, 2014): Since the initial launch of Shareable Images, we’ve made a number of important improvements. Now that the feature is available to all Shareaholic users, we want to say a big “THANKS!” to our early innovators. Leave a comment if you have suggestions about how we can build better products for you. If you haven’t tried Shareable Images yet, do check it out!

  • Facebook would be handy also.

    • @japaneseghost:disqus thanks for the suggestion! It is something we are considering adding, and I’ll see what we can do about getting that done sooner rather than later if we do give it the green light. :) In the meantime, let us know how you like the feature, and if it’s actually helping to further engage your site’s visitors.

      • My site is mainly an image site and my #1 referrer is Pinterest, so the Pinterest button is a nice addition :-)

      • CommentEconomiser

        Yeah Pinterest button is nice but would be cool to have FB, Twitter and email too :-)

        When do you think it could be released ? Thanks

        • @CommentEconomiser:disqus we’ll keep those options in mind :). At the moment, it’s tough to say when we may release add-ons to Shareable Images — I have my fingers crossed that we can make them available soon. We’ll send an email out once it’s live though.

        • CommentEconomiser

          Thanks a lot for your quick reply :-). We’ll wait for this feature then thanks.

          I have another question :

          I was wondering if it’s possible to add multiple buttons on the same page.

          Like here on our website (our own buttons) :

          If so could you explain how? If not is it something you’re working on ? Thanks a lot :-)

        • @CommentEconomiser:disqus It’s absolutely possible (and it’s already available)!

          Here’s a link to our share buttons:

          You can add all the buttons you need, and have them appear on the top and/or bottom of posts.

          For example, The Social Media Hat uses our buttons above their content and at the end of their posts. See how our buttons look on their site:

          Of course, you can customize your buttons in a variety of ways in your Settings.

          If you have any technical issues, feel free to reference our support center ( but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, submit a request and we’ll be glad to help.

        • CommentEconomiser

          Alright cool thanks.

          But what I was asking is, is it possible to have your buttons on a list of different articles on the same page ?

          Where each button shares a different article not the same one.

          Like here on this page made of 10 differents articles :

          Do you see what I mean ? Thanks a lot for your help :-)

        • @CommentEconomiser:disqus Ah! Gotcha.

          To answer your question: Yes!

          Here’s a new example of a site that uses the Shareaholic platform (and features multiple sets of share buttons on the same page):

          Sorry for the confusion. I hope this helps :).

        • CommentEconomiser

          Perfect ! Thanks a lot :-)
          So last technical question.

          Do you know how to specify the url for a button ?

        • CommentEconomiser Fortunately, you don’t have to.

          Our javascript pulls in the link for the blog post and doesn’t just share the page that it’s on (i.e. /index or /home). Instead, our code intelligently decides which link to share.

          So, no need to get your hands dirty here.

        • dave loppeur

          same question as CommentEconomiser: you said that your javascript pulls in the link for the blog post but what is the principle because
          it seems we can’t make work the automatic url detection properly;
          we have a page with few post links pointing to our articles and next to each link, we have the share buttons but it seem that each button only share the actual page url (the list not the post url)
          What have we done wrong ?

        • Hi Dave,

          Our WordPress plugin is setup to automatically hook into looped content, which allows it to detect the URL of the post even if on a feed page (multiple posts to one page).

          Now, if you are using a platform other than WordPress where you are installing the buttons by hand (inserting the code manually), you’ll want to take advantage of data attributes to pass in specific information for customizing the shares.

          Here’s an article with more information:

          If you have any other questions concerning our apps, please feel free to submit a support request from our support center, and we’ll be happy to help :)

        • dave loppeur

          Hi Celeste,

          Thks for your answer, I’ve been able to add the multiple share buttons as planned.
          I’ve another question though:
          Is there a way to avoid the connection to the facebook (or other) site when the buttons (with counters) are initialised ? the reason is that I’ve been told that the shareaholic had a very low impact on the speed performance.but I just measured a big difference in matter of weight, requests, time to load the page :(
          using the async code won’t change a thing, is there any other way (some caching system ? )

        • The share count is pulled directly from the API of the corresponding service. We do not calculate the counts. In order to prevent the connection between our plugin and these servers while the share buttons load, you will need to disable share counts in your app customization.

          If you would like to ask questions about the new Shareable Images feature, you can post here, and Danny (Head of Marketing) will be able to answer those for you. For any off-topic questions, please submit a help request through our support center –


        • CommentEconomiser

          Hi Celeste thanks for your help. I guess we will disable the share counts to speed up loading.

          I have one more question.

          Can Shareaholic counts past shares on a particular url ?

          For instance here on this page below we have installed Addthis to try it out but Addthis can’t show the 35 K previous shares on this url… It only shows the new one since we have implemented their buttons. There’s no historical data.

          Can Shareaholic retrieve previous data ? :-)

          Thanks a lot for your helo

        • Hi :) I responded to your support ticket a little earlier. We can continue discussion through that ticket.

          Concerning the specific link you referenced here, this is the share information from Facebook we are retrieving:

  • If you could add this to the pile of suggestions: consider an uploading option for custom pinterest images so site owners can match with existing icons.

    • That’s a pretty cool idea. I’ll be sure to bring that up with the team.

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  • Katerina

    Can you change the size of the “pin it” button? Mine is square but I want it to be round and small?

    • cseher

      Hello there!

      I will make sure to add your request to the list of new potential options for that feature!

      Thank you so much for your feedback :)


  • TE

    This is a perfect feature (as it was being requested of me anyway!) ;) But is there a way to turn it off for certain images? Such as including a class to image tags in a certain region/page?

    • cseher

      There is!

      Pro Tip: Selectively disabling Shareable Images for specific images or pages:

      You may disable the hover button for a single image by adding the following to the image tag:
      You may disable the hover button for all images on a page by including the following code into the section of the page:

  • Alco Vos

    This is just what I was looking for, brilliant..
    Will facebook be also available soon?

  • We will definitely consider adding this. Thank you!

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  • Carl Ramallo

    How do I turn off the feature of the P on the images? Please email me steps if possible:
    Carl R.

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  • Teresa Principato

    We need the other social buttons, like Facebook or LinkedIn! :D

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