Our mission is to help grow your website. An important part of this mission is to help you grow your revenue through better ads that pay more. Shareaholic helps you make the most money possible from every pageview on your site. We streamline everything. No more hassle. Just more growth.

Today, we’re pleased to roll out a new monetization option for your website – the Mobile Anchor Overlay Ad. This new ad unit option joins our standard, Post-Share, and Native Promoted Content Ads unit, to give you even more options to pick and choose from for what best matches your site design, layout and mission the best.

What are Mobile Anchor Overlay Ads?

The anchor overlay ad format is a mobile web ad unit that sits at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device. As a user scrolls down the page, the ad remains “anchored” to the bottom of the screen. Since the ad sticks on the page and is always in users’ view, this ad format usually monetizes far better than standard ads, as much as +400%.

As a user scrolls, the ad remains above the fold.

Next Steps:

  • We’ve been using the mobile anchor ads on our site for at least 6
    weeks now and I have to say I am very disappointed with them. 75% of our
    mobile is traffic but on a wide variety of devices and feature phones
    as well as smart phones.

    • Hi Rosie, the Mobile Anchor unit was released only a week ago… so it is impossible that you’ve had it for 6 weeks :) Are you mixing it up with something else? Thus far, it is really doing well for publishers, with eCPM’s at 4-6x the average.

  • inisheer

    You are complete jerks to sneak Kixer ads onto my site without getting my permission. I’m stuck with your app for now on my existing sites, but I’m launching a bunch of new properties and will be looking for someone other than Shareaholic to do social media on them.

    • First of all, we sincerely apologize for this mix-up.

      These ads are part of our site monetization toolkit that is meant to help you make money, and is an integral part of our service —


      These ads should NOT have turned on your website, unless you were already part of the monetization program.

      It is likely that there were monetization settings that had been left turned on during your initial setup that would have caused ads to show up. The only way this would have happened is if a banner ad setting had been left turned on in your settings.

      I know no words or apologies are enough. We would be pretty mad too if something showed up on our own site which we weren’t expecting — even if it was unintentional on our part or the partners.

  • Hi, as much as Im liked the idea of the mobile ads it slows the mobile responsiveness of my site, according to Google. Problem is I need to keep Google happy so they continue to send me folk via their search engines.

    For now I have disabled it. Is there a way to make it so it does not appear on the index page?

    Also, even though I’ve disable all Shareaholic on the mobile version of my blog Google has listed several leverage browser caching problems that involves you guys. How can I fix this?

  • It would be great if you also release a desktop Anchor ad. The one I was using before was slow and real sucked. Also, is there plans to release promoted content ads in lower amounts then 4. It would be great to have 2 and 1 so I can place them in even more places on my site.

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  • I think that mobile traffic will be only for ads, you can see that for to get the first organic result there are to make scroll to many times, and mobile users dont do that.

  • Sumit Kumar Gogawat

    Totally Jerks they are. After 5 days of implementation there is no content showing in Related Content. I have already activate all the services on site but none apps is activate. I also contact more than 3 times to shareaholic team but no response through email or submission of Ticket. I really dislike the concept for blogger. Suck Shareaholic.

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