Shareaholic for WordPress is used all over the world. Our goal is to support Shareaholic in the native language of all our users and people who want to use our products.

We would appreciate your help in translating Shareaholic into even more languages! It doesn’t take much to get started.

If you can help, please translate the 11 text strings listed below into your language and post them either in the comments below or send them to us via email to Don’t forget to include your name so we can credit you!



“Post to “:”Añadirlo a “,
“Add to “:”Añadirlo a “,
“Submit to “:”Enviar a “,
“Share on “:”Compartir con “,
“Print with “:”Impresión con “,
“Post on “:”Añadirlo a “,
“Suggest this article to “:”Sugiere este artículo a “,
“Shorten URL with “:”Acortar URL con “,
“Push this on “: “Pulse este en “,
“Bookmark on “: “?”,
“Send via “: “?”

  • Cristo Pajust


    ‘Post to ‘:”Postita “,
    ‘Add to ‘:”Lisa “,
    ‘Submit to ‘: “Saada “,
    ‘Share on ‘: “Jaga “,
    ‘Shorten URL with’: “Lühenda URL “,
    ‘Print with’: ‘Prindi ‘,
    ‘Post on ‘: “Postita “,
    ‘Suggest this article to ‘: “Soovita seda artiklit “,
    ‘Push this on’: “Sparalo in ”

    • Jay Meattle

      Thank you Cristo!

  • ‘Post to’: ‘Αναρτήστε στο’,
    ‘Add to’: ‘Προσθέστε στο’,
    ‘Submit to’: ‘Υποβάλλετε στο’,
    ‘Share on‘: ‘Μοιραστείτε στο’,
    ‘Shorten URL with’: ‘Συντομεύστε το URL με’,
    ‘Print with’: ‘Εκτυπώστε με’,
    ‘Post on’: ‘Αναρτήστε στο’,
    ‘Suggest this article to’: ‘Προτείνετε αυτό το άρθρο σε’,
    ‘Push this on’: ‘Προωθήστε στο’

    • Forgot to say that the language is Greek :)

    • two new stings (Greek translation):

      ‘Bookmark on’: ‘Προσθέστε σελιδοδείκτη στο’,
      ‘Send via’: ‘Αποστείλετε μέσω’

      • Jay Meattle

        Thanks Daphne!

  • Michael S.

    my German translations:

    ‘Post to ‘: “senden an “,
    ‘Add to ‘: “hinzufügen zu “,
    ‘Submit to ‘: “übertragen zu “,
    ‘Share on ‘: “teilen bei “,
    ‘Shorten URL with’: “URL kürzen mit “,
    ‘Print with’: “drucken mit “,
    ‘Post on ‘: “veröffentlichen bei “,
    ‘Suggest this article to ‘: to a person: “empfehlen an ” or to a site: “empfehlen bei “,
    ‘Push this on’: “schiebe dies auf ”

    If this is the beginning of a sentense, the first letter has to be a capital letter in the middle of a sentense, use the small letters.

    • Michael S.

      and the two new stings:
      ‘Bookmark on’: “Lesezeichen speichern auf ” is that for the browser or a bookmarking site? ,
      ‘Send via’: “senden mit”

      is there any other german translater?
      do you think my translation is okay?

      • Jay

        Michael, Thank you! You’re our only DE translator currently.

        Bookmark on example: ‘Bookmark on Delicious’

  • Dutch:

    “Post to “:”Publiceer op“,
    “Add to “:” Voeg toe aan“,
    “Submit to “:”Stuur in op“,
    “Share on “:” Deel op“,
    “Print with “:” Print met“,
    “Post on “:”Publiceer op“,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Suggereer dit artikel op“,
    ‘Shorten URL with’:”Verkort de URL met“,
    ‘Push this on’: “Push dit op“,
    ‘Bookmark on’: “Maak een bladwijzer op”,
    ‘Send via’: “Zend via”

    • Adriaan

      Instead of “Zend via” I would translate ‘Send via ’ with “Verzend met ”. All the other translations are very good!

      • Jay Meattle


  • My suggestions for Spanish translation:

    “Post to “:”Publicarlo a “,
    “Add to “:”Añadirlo a “,
    “Submit to “:”Enviar a “,
    “Share on “:”Compartir en “,
    “Print with “:”Imprimir con “,
    “Post on “:”Publicarlo en “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Sugerir este artículo a “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Acortar URL con “,
    “Push this on “: “Pulse este en “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Agregar a marcador en ”,
    “Send via “: “Enviar via”

    Bookmark = “Marcador”
    Bookmarks = “Marcadores”


  • BTW:

    “Push this on “: I don’t know for sure if this is correct. It depends a lot on the action.

    The translation is fine if you want to express “To push a button” but it could be translated different. Sorry, but I don’t know the context where it applies.

    • Jay

      Thanks Diego!

  • Lithuanian:
    “Post to “:”Paskelbti“,
    “Add to “:” Pridėti į“,
    “Submit to “:”Pateikti“,
    “Share on “:” Dalintis“,
    “Print with “:” Spausdinti per“,
    “Post on “:”Įrašyti“,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Pasiūlyti šį straipsnį į “,
    ‘Shorten URL with’:”Trumpinti URL su“,
    ‘Push this on’: “Kilstelėti“,
    ‘Bookmark on’: “Pasižymėti per”,
    ‘Send via’: “Siųsti per”

    • Jay Meattle

      Thanks so much!

  • “Post to “:”Публикувай в“,
    “Add to “:” Прибави към“,
    “Submit to “:”Представи към“,
    “Share on “:” Сподели по“,
    “Print with “:” Принтирай с“,
    “Post on “:”Публикувай на“,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Предложи тази статия на“,
    ‘Shorten URL with’:”Съкратен URL с“,
    ‘Push this on’: “Бутни това към“,
    ‘Bookmark on’: “Отбележи в”,
    ‘Send via’: “Изпрати чрез”

  • Murvai-Buzogány László


    “Post to “:”Elküldés: “,
    “Add to “:”Hozzáadás: “,
    “Submit to “:”Továbbküldés: “,
    “Share on “:”Megosztás: “,
    “Print with “:”Nyomtatás: “,
    “Post on “:”Publikálás: “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Ajánlás valakinek: “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Cím (URL) rövidítése: “,
    “Push this on “: “Kiküldés: “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Könyvjelző felvétele: ”,
    “Send via “: “Küldés: ”

    • Jay

      Thank you!

  • könnte man dieses program auch in deutsch machen(german)?

    • Jay

      hi snowdown, we’re already translated into german.

  • I’m currently learning Word Press and fond this site during research. Must say this is a little over my head, but another great resource to shorting learning curve. I do plan to implement multiple languages in future. I hope to be a contributor in near future.

  • Persian (Farsi):

    “Post to “:”ارسال به“,
    “Add to “:”افزودن به“,
    “Submit to “:”ارسال به“,
    “Share on “:”به اشتراک گذاشتن بر روی“,
    “Print with “:”پرینت به وسیله“,
    “Post on “:”ارسال بر روی“,
    “Suggest this article to “:”پیشنهاد کردن این مطلب به“,
    “Shorten URL with “:”مختصر کردن آدرس وب توسط“,
    “Push this on “: “قرار دادن این مورد در“,
    “Bookmark on “: “افزودن به لیست علاقه مندی ها در”,
    “Send via “: “ارسال به وسیله”

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  • Hi,
    this is pt_BR (Portuguese – Brazil)

    “Post to “:”Postar no “,
    “Add to “:”Adicionar ao “,
    “Submit to “:”Enviar para “,
    “Share on “:”Compartilhar com “,
    “Print with “:”Imprimir com “,
    “Post on “:”Postar no “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Sugerir este artigo para “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Encurtar a URL com “,
    “Push this on “: “Enviar no “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Favoritar no ”,
    “Send via “: “Enviar via ”

  • André13

    here translate in french
    there are some errors of syntaxes translation I shall say 83 %

    “Post to “:”Poste de “,
    “Add to “:”Ajouter à “,
    “Submit to “:”Envoyer vers “,
    “Share on “:”Partager sur “,
    “Print with “:”Imprimer avec “,
    “Post on “:”Post on“,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Suggérer l’article à “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Raccourcir l’URL avec “,
    “Push this on “: “Appuyer sur “, –?–
    “Bookmark on “: “Signet sur ”, –??– ?? Mettre en favori ??
    “Send via “: “Envoyer par ”

    • Jay


      This is the latest list:

      0:”Publiez-le sur”, // french
      1:”Ajoutez ce lien à”,
      2:”Soumettez ce lien à”,
      3:”Partagez-le sur”,
      4:”Imprimez-le avec”,
      5:”Publiez-le sur”,
      6:”Suggérer cet article à”,
      7:”Raccourcir l’URL avec”,
      8:”Poussez cet article sur”,
      9:”Ajoutez-le à vos favoris sur”,
      10:”Envoyez-le avec”,

      Any errors?

  • Rizal Panji Islami

    This is Indonesian :
    “Post to “:”Posting ke “,
    “Add to “:”Tambahkan ke “,
    “Submit to “:”Serahkan ke “,
    “Share on “:”Bagikan di “,
    “Print with “:”Cetak dengan “,
    “Post on “:”Posting di “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Sarankan artikel ini kepada “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Persingkat URL dengan “,
    “Push this on “: “Letakkan ini di “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Bookmark di”,
    “Send via “: “Kirim melalui”

  • dacousa

    This is Galician (gl-es)

    “Post to “:”Publicalo a “,
    “Add to “:”Engadilo a “,
    “Submit to “:”Enviar a “,
    “Share on “:”Compartir en “,
    “Print with “:”Imprimir con “,
    “Post on “:”Publicalo en “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Suxerir este artigo a “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Acurtar URL con “,
    “Push this on “: “Empuxar isto a “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Agregar a marcador en ”,
    “Send via “: “Enviar via”

    Bookmark = “Marcador”
    Bookmarks = “Marcadores”

  • Bartosz Chojnacki


    “Post to “:”Umieść na “,

    “Add to “:”Dodaj do “,

    “Submit to “:”Opublikuj na “,

    “Share on “:”Udostępnij na “,

    “Print with “:”Wydrukuj za pomocą “,

    “Post on “:”Umieść na “,

    “Suggest this article to “:”Wyślij artykuł do “,

    “Shorten URL with “:”Skróć URL za pomocą “,

    “Push this on “: “Opublikuj na “,

    “Bookmark on “: “Dodaj do ulubionych na ”,

    “Send via “: “Wyślij za pomocą”

  • Here’s the Hebrew translation:

    “Post to “:”הפץ ל “,

    “Add to “:”הוסף ל “,

    “Submit to “:”אשר ל “,

    “Share on “:”שתף ב “,

    “Print with “:”הדפס עם “,

    “Post on “:”הפץ ב “,

    “Suggest this article to “:”הצע מאמר זה ל “,

    “Shorten URL with “:” קצר URL עם “,

    “Push this on “: “דחף את זה ב “, “Bookmark on “: “שמור כמועדף ב”,

    “Send via “: “שלח דרך”

    Udi Burg from:

  • Here’s the Hebrew translation:

    “Post to “:”הפץ ל “,

    “Add to “:”הוסף ל “,

    “Submit to “:”אשר ל “,

    “Share on “:”שתף ב “,

    “Print with “:”הדפס עם “,

    “Post on “:”הפץ ב “,

    “Suggest this article to “:”הצע מאמר זה ל “,

    “Shorten URL with “:” קצר URL עם “,

    “Push this on “: “דחף את זה ב “,

    “Bookmark on “: “שמור כמועדף ב”,

    “Send via “: “שלח דרך”

    Udi Burg from:

  • chrisbae1995

    Norwegian Translation :
    “Post to “:”Post til “
    ,“Add to “:”Legg til  “
    ,“Submit to “:”Send til  “
    ,“Share on “:”Del på “
    ,“Print with “:”Skriv ut med  “
    ,“Post on “:”Post på “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Anbefal denne artikkelen til “
    ,“Shorten URL with “:”Forkort URL med “,
    “Push this on “: “ Push dette på  “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Bokmerke på”,
    “Send via “: “Send via”

  • Andrea

    “Send via” is still missing in Italian (English is shown). Please add this in future release
    Send via = “Invia con”

  • moonscraps

    Portuguese from Portugal:
    “Post to “:”Submeter para “,
    “Add to “:”Adicionar a “,
    “Submit to “:”Enviar para “,
    “Share on “:”Partilhar em “,
    “Print with “:”Imprimir com “,
    “Post on “:”Submeter em “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Sugerir este artigo a “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Encurtar hiperligação com “,
    “Push this on “: “Enviar no “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Guardar nos favoritos de ”,
    “Send via “: “Enviar via”
    Vasco Leiria  –

  • KresimirMatic

    Croatian Translation :
    “Post to “:”Pošalji post na “
    ,“Add to “:”Dodaj na  “
    ,“Submit to “:”Pošalji na “
    ,“Share on “:”Podijeli na “
    ,“Print with “:”Ispiši putem  “
    ,“Post on “:”Pošalji post na “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Preporuči ovaj članak na “
    ,“Shorten URL with “:”Skrati URL putem “,
    “Push this on “: “ Push ova na  “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Dodaj kao omiljen na”,
    “Send via “: “Pošalji putem”

  • metayorumcu

    In recommendations plugin, the Turkish translation of “Recommended for you:” is “Şunlar da hoşunuza olabilir:”, which is not a proper translation. A nice translation could be: “Şu yazılar da hoşunuza gidebilir:”
    It would be great if you can correct this asap. Thanks.

  • Stig Ulfsby

    Norwegian bokmål (nb_NO)

    “Post to “:”Legg inn i “,
    “Add to “:”Legg til i “,
    “Submit to “:”Send til “,
    “Share on “:”Del på “,
    “Print with “:”Skriv ut med “,
    “Post on “:”Legg inn på “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Foreslå denne artiklen til “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Forkort nettadresse med “,
    “Push this on “: “Trykk denne på “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Bokmerk på ”,
    “Send via “: “Send via ”

  • The interpretation is excellent if you want to show “To force a button” but it could be converted different. Sorry, but I don’t know the perspective where it is applicable.

  • Afrikaans from South Africa:

    “Post to “:”Publiseer na “,
    “Add to “:”Voeg by op “,
    “Submit to “:”Dien in by “,
    “Share on “:”Deel op “,
    “Print with “:”Druk met “,
    “Post on “:”Publiseer op “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Stel hierdie artikel voor aan “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Verkort URL met “,
    “Push this on “: “Stoot hierdie op “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Boekmerk op ”,
    “Send via “: “Stuur via ”

  • Abdullah

    “Post to “:”نشر في “,
    “Add to “:”إضافة إلى “,
    “Submit to “:”إضافة إلى “,
    “Share on “:”شارك في “,
    “Print with “:”طباعة بواسطة“,
    “Post on “:”نشر على “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”أقترح هذا لـ “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”تقصير الرابط بواسطة “,
    “Push this on “: “ادفع هذا على “,
    “Bookmark on “: “المفضلة”,
    “Send via “: “مرسلة بواسطة”

  • masleif

    You may also like: In Swedish “Du kanske också gillar:”

  • Matjaž

    Slovenian language:

    “Post to “:”Objavi na “,
    “Add to “:”Dodaj na “,
    “Submit to “:”Prikaži na “,
    “Share on “:”Deli na “,
    “Print with “:”Natisni preko “,
    “Post on “:”Objavi v “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Predlagaj članek “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Deli URL z “,
    “Push this on “: “Potisni na “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Zaznamek na”,
    “Send via “: “Pošlji preko”

  • Geri

    For the related posts in Bulgarian is “Вижте също:” and not “Може също така:” How can I chage it?

  • Victor Vidov


  • Søren

    Hi I’m using Shareaholic on a danish site, and the most necessary translation is done. But I can see i the translation files (in CodeStyling Localization plugin) that “post to”, “add to” and “print with” doesn’t exist in the list. instead there is “post this to” and “add this to”, which is correctly translated.

    I’ll send you the right translations to danish here, and hope you soon will fix it :)

    “Post to “:”Del på “,
    “Add to “:”Tilføj til “,
    “Submit to “:”Send til “,
    “Share on “:”Del på “,
    “Print with “:”Print med “,
    “Post on “:”Post på “,
    “Suggest this article to “:”Foreslå denne artikel til “,
    “Shorten URL with “:”Forkort URL med “,
    “Push this on “: “Skub det ud på “,
    “Bookmark on “: “Tilføj som bogmærke på ”,
    “Send via “: “Send via ”

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