Today, we’re pleased to announce two new features that we think you’ll love. They’re both designed to give you more flexibility and are available immediately for all Shareaholic enabled sites:

  1. Conditionally Display Share Counts:

    Displaying Share Counts on your webpages is a very effective and easy way to establish social proof and boost social sharing engagement on a site. It can make a HUGE difference!

    But have you been hesitating to turn on Share Counts just because you don’t want to display them on pages that haven’t been shared much yet?

    The decision to display Share Counts on your site should not be all or nothing. This new feature by Shareaholic lets you specify the minimum share count threshold that should display on your site. This is ideal for new content that hasn’t had the opportunity to be shared for much time or for a new site that is just building its audience.


  2. New Advanced Display Rule Options for your Floated Share Buttons:

    Now you can set up Display Rules for Desktop and Mobile, giving you finer-grained control over where and when to show your Floated Share Buttons.


Both can be turned on by signing into your Shareaholic Dashboard. Give them a whirl and if you have feedback, a feature request, or would just like to drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!

  • Brilliant!! The second feature is what I was waiting for since ages :)

    • @MarceloPedra:disqus we’re glad you love it! Let us know if you’re waiting on any other features and we’ll see what we can do :)

  • I was on Shareaholic sometime ago but moved to Addthis because my page load time suffers…I’ll see how Addthis performs on my site for now. Good to know.

    • Hi Brilliant Tips

      We take site speed very very seriously. We recently made a whole slew of major improvements.You can read about some of the steps we take to keep your site speedy here:

      • Great. Thanks for the feedback Jay. Reading thru the documents now. Good day :)

      • Whats even more amazing is that my comment asking about the issue has been deleted. I wonder why. If its true that you are deleting simply to avoid it being read by others than you are looking down at people who visits blogs and website like me. I will make sure to leave your bad review links to people who I notice having shareaholic plugin. Until u prove me wrong and explain why my comments are being deleted then u just made enemy.

        • @AliAbrahm:disqus what comment are you referring to?

        • after my reply below (reading thru content) I came back asking for your clarifications on allegations that Shareaholic’s monetization feature together with a link to the said website. But I dont see that reply anymore. It’s either Disqus is having a bug or u simply deleted it. Too bad I didn’t take a screenshot of it but now I do everytime I reply to you.

        • Please re-post. No comment came through and nothing is in Disqus’ spam filter either. Maybe Disqus failed? Either way, happy to address any questions! Or else, feel free to shoot me a direct email jay at

        • Its okay Jay..i pretty much know how things work for you. Goodluck to Shareaholic and have a good day. Disqus fails huh

        • OK. Happy to chat. Let me know.

          If you’re looking for clarifications regarding the Affiliate Links Apps, we did an entire blog post about it:

  • Guy Alexis

    Hello, please i’m trying to display a popup on my website after sharing a content on twitter, facebook or other social network. Up to now, i just see the link to display the follow us box on my page and i don’t know how manage it. Please can you help me?

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