Jay Meattle

As part of our Site Analytics reporting, Shareaholic now includes a Humans vs Bots Grader report:

Traffic Quality Grader

Use this report to monitor and maintain high traffic quality by ensuring that you’re continuously serving content (and/or advertisements) to verified human beings.

Shareaholic has partnered with the best anti-fraud and bot detection specialists to analyze each visitor’s device, software, and natural behavior to collect robust behavioral metrics. This real-time interaction data, along with hundreds of fingerprinting metrics, are utilized to identify natural human behavior across each site. Every day our partners analyze and re-verify millions of humans across thousands of websites.

Based on the verified quality of your traffic, your site will get a letter grade (A+, A, A-, B+…) that corresponds to the level of verified human traffic on your site. The closer you are to an A, the better your website and marketing strategy is doing!

We think that this report is so important, that we are making it available to all Shareaholic users (free & PRO plans). All you need is to install Shareaholic on your site to get this report. What are you waiting for?

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