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Last week, we announced the debut of four new features in our WordPress plugin: Recommendations, Classic Bookmarks, Top Bar and Shareaholic Analytics. We’ve been extremely excited to offer these new features, but we are even more blown away by the response of our users. With our publishers’ help, we have now become the top social sharing plugin in the WordPress directory! To celebrate, we wanted to give back to our publishers by showcasing the newest Shareaholic features on their blogs. Check them out below:

1. Add Recommendations to Your Current Version of Shareaholic

Civilized Cave Man Cooking

George’s blog, Civilized Caveman Cooking, is about cooking according to the Paleo diet–basically eating like cavemen. Not only does he have gorgeous photos of his food and delicious-looking recipes, but he also is using Shareaholic’s share buttons and content recommendations to make it easy to share and discover his content. All three features blend together well!

2. Get a Professional Look With Classic Bookmarks

On his social media and entrepreneurship blog, Daniel Odio uses Top Bar and Classic Bookmarks on his personal blog. Classic Bookmarks were a perfect pick for his site–they look very streamlined and professional.

3. Try Out the “List” View of Recommendations

Don’t let the word “kitchen” in the title fool you–Peter’s Kitchen is a blog that revolves around technology and gadgets. He opted for the list-style of recommendations over the thumbnail style that you see on other blogs here. Customize your settings in your WordPress admin panel to choose which one fits your blog.

4. Customize Your Top Bar With Just the Social Media Buttons You Need

This site is completely dedicated to PS3 news, so it has a niche audience. It has the Top Bar, Recommendations and Share Buttons to appeal to their audience. Notice it has customized sharing buttons to fit its readers’ reading habits with the message “Sharing is Caring.” On this blog’s installation of TopBar, they chose to include the Tweet Button, Facebook Like Button and Google+ button. Your blog can include all of these choices or just one or two of them. Use your Shareaholic analytics to discover which social platforms are performing for you and converting to shares, and select your social media buttons accordingly.

5. Set How Many Related Articles Show Up in Recommendations

You Can Trust Your Ears invites musicians to step away from sheet music and just trust their ears to play music better. This site is blending Share Buttons, Top Bar and Recommendations to drive them most social sharing as possible from their readers. Check out how their Recommendations installation suggests three articles for readers. You can set how many articles you want to have show up, and whether they show up only on certain pages or categories. Customize this feature and create exactly the kind of related content widget you’d like!

Have you installed the new Shareaholic for WordPress and given these new features a test-drive? Let us know what you think. Leave a link to your site below.

  • PS3Attitude

    Thanks for featuring us!
    PS3Attitude.com is run entirely for charity – we give every ounce of revenue we earn to good causes – so any extra exposure we can get makes a difference. Shareaholic helps our readers get the word out quickly and easily to all the right channels.
    We appreciate you including us in your article, and thanks for a great plugin.

  • pedaah

    Thanks for putting my site up in this article!

    • Ginny Soskey

       @pedaah Happy to! Hope you enjoy the new WordPress update. Thanks for being a Shareaholic user. :)

  • Hi I added this plugin to my website yesterday. I chose to add the “classic bookmark” at the bottom (very smart and unobtrusive) and would like to replace my “link within” (which does not really select similar posts) with your ‘recommendations’ option. However,  even though I enabled this feature yesterday it has not appeared yet. I am a “coding innocent ” so hope it does not require too much playing with code. i don’t want to muck up my site. any help appreciated 

  • I was wondering on how to change classic bookmarks, similar to sexy bookmarks just with classic icons. there doesn’t seem to be way to modify the icons that are there. Thank you.

    •  @Gene666 As Classic Bookmarks is a new addition to the Shareaholic WordPress plugin, our customization options are a bit slim, but in future releases, we will be including additional features. Stay tuned! :)

  • Any chance of getting “share the knowledge” or “sharing is caring” in Italian?

    • Ginny Soskey

       @andrea_ We’re always looking to add new languages! If you know the translations, would you mind submitting it here?  http://blog.shareaholic.com/2012/06/need-your-help-help-us-translate-shareaholic-into-your-language-2/

    •  @andrea_ We aren’t making any new images ourselves, but would love to see what our users come up with. If you’d like to give it a try and submit your creation to us, read the ‘Custom background image’ section on this page: http://www.shareaholic.com/tools/wordpress/usage-installation/

  • gasonmark

    Can you manually insert classic bookmarks? I would like them in a widget?

    • Ginny Soskey

       @gasonmark You can manually insert them or get them directly in our WordPress plugin. You can get the code directly from our website: http://www.shareaholic.com/publishers/sharing/classicbookmarks Please let me know if you need anything else! 

  • WillianCruz

    After updating SexyBookmarks last night, the Like Button doesn’t appear anymore, despite it is active in configurations. What can it be? G+ and Tweet buttons work fine. http://vadebike.org

  • Any way to add / delete services from the Classic Bookmarks link? I love the simple look, but wish there was a little customization. Thanks! In particular, I would like to add Instapaper and Pocket, which are not available even in the sexy bookmarks.

    • Ginny Soskey

      Hey Daniel, thanks for stopping by! At the moment, we don’t have that capability, but we’re always working toward making our products better. I’ll pass along your feedback to the rest of the team. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Linda

    How can I add the classic bookmarks to come up in the sidebar widget – Is there a manual mode for classic bookmarks? I don’t want the sexy bookmarks in the sidebar widget. Thanks.

    • Ginny Soskey

      Right now there isn’t a manual mode for Classic Bookmarks, but you can get our newest share buttons and manually insert them in your blog here: https://shareaholic.com/publishers/sharing/

      Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks.

  • Love the features, but what file is best to plug the code in so it appears below a post? I have a WordPress blog that I host.

  • stiven

    facebook like in the top bar not work

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