Automatically Generate Short Links for Easy Sharing Product Updates 1 Comment »


Another <little> victory. The shortened URL or short link: it’s a tool that’s now almost synonymous with Twitter sharing, made necessary because of stringent character limits. Beyond Twitter, we know that big things come in small packages, and so now we’ve made short links available automatically, every time someone shares… continue reading.

Official Share Counts for Yummly and Product Updates 4 Comments »


Shareaholic Apps now support official share counts for both Yummly (recommended for sites with food & recipe content) and Fancy (recommended for e-commerce oriented sites). Example: If you have Share Counts already enabled for your Shareaholic Share Buttons and have included Yummly, you don’t need to do a thing for… continue reading.

Shareaholic Integrates Google Analytics Product Updates 5 Comments »


Today we’re excited to announce our latest integration with Google Analytics! All Share Buttons powered by Shareaholic now automatically and seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics to provide sharing statistics directly within your Google Analytics dashboard. We’ve made it 1-click simple for your site to integrate with both UTM campaign tracking… continue reading.

Conditionally Display Share Counts & More Advanced Display Rules for your Share Buttons Product Updates 13 Comments »


Today, we’re pleased to announce two new features that we think you’ll love. They’re both designed to give you more flexibility and are available immediately for all Shareaholic enabled sites: Conditionally Display Share Counts: Displaying Share Counts on your webpages is a very effective and easy way to establish social… continue reading.

Floated Share Buttons Now Available for Mobile Product Updates 2 Comments »


The Floated Share Buttons app was released about a year ago, and it quickly became one of Shareaholic’s most loved apps. And for good reason! They’ve proven time and again that they are an effective and easy way to increase sharing engagement on a site by 2x or more, quickly.… continue reading.

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