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The blogosphere is crowded. Every minute of the day, 347 WordPress users publish a new blog post—and that’s not taking into account the usage from any other blog platform. For bloggers, this means it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique viewpoint.

One thing that can help you be noticed by your current and future fans is to develop a personal brand. Like a company, you can develop a brand to set you apart from your “competitors”. Through your tone, your interactions with fellow bloggers, the content you create on your blog and the content you share on social media, you can separate yourself from the pack of other bloggers out there. Though it is essential to being successful blogging, creating a personal brand for your blog actually requires a ton of upkeep.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Use Shareaholic Channels to discover the latest and greatest in our network of 200,000 websites and blogs in almost every category you can think of instead of searching through the internet jungle and hoping to find an awesome blog to follow. Use that content to fuel your own blog post creation or share it on social media as an extension of your brand with the Shareaholic Browser Extension.

I personally browse Channels first thing in the morning then use Buffer in my Shareaholic Chrome Extension to schedule out my favorite posts of the day—that way I’m still sharing great content throughout the day without having to manually tweet every post I like.

Whether you want to be the next Martha Stewart or land a social media gig with your blog, you should think about building your personal brand—just make sure you’re using the right tools to save yourself time!

  • With regards to personal branding, create an effort not just to recall who you are speaking with, but also in which you have met them. Social media is all about face, not just the brand. However, they want to gain a personal relationship with other people. Yet, online mediums are simply valuable in promoting your brand.

  • Yes! Creating your personal brand is additional points to notice your blog. Furthermore, in creating a blog article make sure that as if you are talking to the readers.

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    to create good brands you need good tools, not the case of shareaholic, the deleted posts are still appearing in the suggestions, so users go to blank pages thinking the app isn’t working, waisting time or that the blog isn’t, so you are fucking my brand, not improving it, also shareaholic changed and fucked up the site, unlike before now you can’t personalize the text that’s referring to related posts, it has that option in the site but it isn’t being saved and you can’t copy the text to put bellow the tag after you personalize as usual anymore, to individual blogs, a equal line with predefined text keeps appearing bellow related content, so keep up the good work fucking your tools, or fix it so users don’t have to prefer other tools and delete this shit.

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    thanks for you post !

  • tammysoffices

    It is funny, because I have a company & brand, but started blogging to help with promoting our company & branding. You are right, it is difficult to get noticed on this jammed packed blogger highway! So it is even more important to stand out with something important to say, or, as said earlier, something your audience wants to read.

    I really like shareaholic.com for assisting me in posting my blog and in getting it out to many social medias at once! It definitely saves me a lot of time, so that I do not have to post each one individually on every social media site!

  • Thanks for informative share! I think you post will be very useful for people who want to start up a small business.

  • Maintaining a personal brand online is somewhat uneasy task. This is due to the fact that it is almost costless to start a brand online if you are good with basic IT. As broadband has reached almost everyone, there is unintended competition as well. For example, some people may start a blog just because they are bored at home in evenings and this will increase competition for your blog.


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