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Want to add more media to your WordPress blog?  Then check out these 5 WordPress plugins which will help you take your blog from static to dynamic.

1. Cincopa

Cincopa WordPress Plugin

In addition to adding really awesome image galleries,  you can make your WordPress site a media-rich hub: no programming skills required!  The Cincopa WordPress plugin allows you to:

  • Add Slideshows and Photo Albums
  • Add Video galleries
  • Add Music Playlists
  • Publish iTunes Podcast and mp3 Playlists
Cincopa is available in 44 “skins” so you can make your gallery match the look and feel of your site.

Demo & Download Cincopa Here | Price: FREE

2. Grand Fia Gallery

Grand Fia Gallery

Like Cinocopa, the Grand Fia Gallery WordPress Plugin accomodates photo galleries, music playlists and videos too.   Grand Fia Gallery is iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry 6 and Desktop friendly.  It is also SEO optimized which is a HUGE plus!  You can set this plugin to be full-screen mobile friendly too.

Demo & Download Grand Fia Gallery Here | Price: FREE

3. Next Gen

Next Gen WordPress Plugin

The Next Gen WordPress photo gallery was designed to close the gap on shortcomings of other photo galleries.  Download Next Gen and get a variety of template options and the option to add the Cooliris affect to your gallery for a Media RSS feed.

Demo & Download Next Gen Here | FREE

4. Super Zoom Gallery

Super Zoom WordPress Gallery

This gallery plugin has thumbnail and zoom capabilities which makes it great for online stores and showing the details of photos. Unlike the previous 3 plugins, Super Zoom gallery was updated within a few days of writing this post, which makes it one of the first I’d consider downloading.

Demo & Download Super Zoom Gallery Here | FREE

5. Easy Fancy Box

Easy Fancy BoxPlugin

Last but definitely not least, Easy Fancy Box has the highest rating of all the plugins listed in this article with four and a half stars.  It is also one that is consistently being updated as of the time of this post.  This photo gallery is aesthetically pleasing and fits well with a variety of websites. In addition to sharing photos and videos, you can share PDFs and SWF files (flash).  Easy Fancy Box also supports hidden inline content, iframes and popup (auto-activate) on page load.

Demo & Download Easy Fancy Box Here | FREE

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14 Responses to “5 Photo Gallery WordPress Plugins Worth Exploring”

  1. scottwyden says:

    NextGEN Gallery is a fantastic plugin – and there is a lot in works for the future of the plugin.  In a recent article, I detailed all the best WordPress plugins available for photographers:

    • TronSheridan says:

      NextGEN is now a broken mess. If you enjoy trying to debug it when some random incompatibility with some completely unrelated plugin floats your boat…then go for it.

  2. David Gaines says:

    Are there are photo galleries with social media buttons (i.e. Facebook Like button) for readers to share a photo without having to share the entire album or the post itself?

  3. rosejacob6 says:

    Photo Gallery is a simple WordPress plugin that can be perfect for
    photographers and designers. I would love to see all of them.

  4. Armanison says:

    Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve needed any help. I’ve
    been using your plug in for a long time, have always liked the way it added a
    customized effect. You will be benefited if you visit here

  5. Good compilation!!! Great guide for bloggers like me. I have tried almost all of them. I like this one too great for embedding photo galleries… The best solution i found so far.

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