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Welcome to Shareaholic’s Monthly Traffic Report. According to our findings based on aggregated data from more than 200,000 publishers that reach more than 270 million unique monthly visitors each month, we just learned that Pinterest beat out Twitter for referral traffic in February.

Why is this significant? Our previous report dug into our referral traffic and revealed that Pinterest outpaced Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined for share of referral traffic. However, admittedly, Pinterest’s digital collage wonderland is essentially a photo-sharing/link-sharing service that is naturally inclined to drive referral traffic. But as Twitter is another share-heavy platform, Pinterest’s edge over the micro-blogging service is particularly significant. Not to mention, Pinterest is still invite-only.

More findings:

  • Although Google referral traffic (not search) grew by 0.23% from January to February, Pinterest still beats it out by 0.14%.
  • Don’t credit Google Plus with Google’s referral traffic growth, though. Referral traffic from Google Plus held steady at .05% of all traffic from January to February. For context, that’s the same percentage of traffic referred by Yahoo Answers.
  • It’s always interesting to check up on the once-popular MySpace – In February it referred .0007% of all traffic, down from .001% in January.
  • Organic search dominated, delivering more than 50% of the overall traffic. Google was the most popular search engine, followed by Yahoo and then Bing.
  • Never the shiny new object, Stumbleupon continued to dominate as a traffic drive – sending more traffic than Pinterest, Twitter or Google referral traffic.

To discover your own traffic trends for this month, you can look up Traffic Sources under All Traffic in Google Analytics.

google analytics traffic sources

Are you seeing traffic from Pinterest? What trends did you identify in your own analytics? Let us know in the comments!

Want to know more about how social media traffic has trended? See our more recent Shareaholic Reports. Questions? Let’s talk press@shareaholic.com.

43 Responses to “Pinterest Sent More Referral Traffic Than Twitter in February”

  1. julian_deanquin says:

    @p0nja me seguia,le hice unas preguntas de mauri y me dejo de seguir

    • p0nja says:

      @julian_deanquin esto es twitter, nos seguimos y dejamos de seguir. Y no me interesa responder cuestiones de otros.

  2. fmicalizzi says:

    @p0nja como se vende humo, no? cc @ladriguru

  3. RBCud says:

    Pinterest’s success isn’t surprising if you see how beautifully and thoughtfully they designed the experience. I thought Twitter had a really casual feel that really spurred on lots of sharing and discussion and activity, but I think Pinterest blows even that away. What’s sort of sad for Google’s screwup in the real-name debacle is that it creates a non-casual atmosphere that can detract from peoples’ potential for sharing and activity. I think that history will show that Google really screwed up Google+ by trying to clone Facebook. A clone of a popular social site without any users is worthless. Google probably should have tried several different smaller approaches with smaller teams and tried to find something that people liked rather than simply try and copy Facebook’s success. We all know that Google wanted to duplicate Facebook’s success to try and get access to all of this social data for their search experience. And between all of the big brands trying to promote their Facebook pages even in TV ads, the sheer number of companies listed at http://www.buyfacebookfansreviews.com that do nothing other than promote business pages, and the way that the market is reacting to Facebook’s IPO, we know that they’re getting significant traction that Google wants to emulate. Even though it will take years, I think Pinterest has got a shot of being the solid #2 to Facebook rather than Google+ just because they’re offering a different experience. If all Google+ can offer is a Facebook clone that doesn’t have active users, then there’s no incentive really created for people to flock to it. I could be wrong, but I see Pinterest taking off and Google+ being largely left behind here. Some people still doubt Pinterest’s appeal, but anecdotally, seeing how non-technical users react to it shows you how it’s a keeper.

  4. bokstyles says:

    @simon_alexander I had a sneaky peak at pintetest. I like it. It’s different enough to be interesting unlike Google+

  5. AstroGremlin says:

    Hmmm, Pinterest sounds like an up and comer.  The future?  What about Quarterest or Gallonerest?

  6. tcreativo says:

    @tomy Pero indica que algo está cambiando… ;-)

  7. AlisonGilbert says:

    Thank you for writing your article about Pinterest. It is listed as part of the Source and Resource Material I used for my blog post on Pinterest published on 3.17.12.  http://digitalbrandmarketing.com/2012/03/17/pinterest-social-media-scrapbooking-with-style/
    Alison Gilbert

  8. ChristyK says:

    I was just searching google to find a way to add Pinterest to the Sexybookmarks. I found this article which makes me even more curious as to why Pinterest (and google+) are not options for the sexybookmark icons. ?? 

  9. ischafer says:

    @dberkowitz @acfou @mikemoran @glenngabe Agree w/DB, but interesting in the sense that they are losing analytics — Does it matter?

  10. 2bmyownboss says:

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  11. maybe because the people loves to share pictures, moments in which the pinterest offers compared with twitter…

  12. itweetlivetest1 says:

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  13. Tim Holmes says:

    Umm, I may be missing something but your percentages do not add up to 100. There seems to be a not-insignificant 20.32% missing.

  14. Woow those posts from you are amazing. Hope to see soon some new articles from you

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  20. Übersetzer says:

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  21. tekschen says:

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  22. I was planning to create a Twitter account for Holiday Rental Lorgues, but now I think a Pinterest account would be better. Any Comment ?

    • Ginny Soskey says:

      Depends on what goals you are trying to reach and if your target audience already hangs out there. I’d suggest taking a look at your own analytics and seeing which platform is driving the most traffic to your site, then double down your efforts there.

  23. HeinzeC says:

    Interesting results! Maybe i just havent seen it, but will you continue that chart for 2013?

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  26. Alejandro García Robledo says:

    Very good info thanks super interesting


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