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In our pursuit to build better tools for publishers, we recognized an opportunity for blogs and brands to convert readers into social media fans and followers.

Sites can now grab readers’ attention while they’re fully engaged. We call that the “post-share” window, the moment immediately after a visitor shares a page or post from your website to their favorite social networks.

Action-Triggered Follow Buttons

See what we did there?

This is an action-triggered event which catches your reader as soon as they’ve demonstrated engagement (e.g. sharing your page or post). Think of it this way:

User visits site >> Reads content >> Shares it >> Sees a thank you + your social profiles >> Likes, Follows or Adds you to their circles

Neat, huh?

Instructions for Activating Follow Buttons

If you already use Shareaholic tools, follow these steps and watch as you effortlessly convert your readers into loyal social media fans and followers:

Step one: Enable Post-Share Window

Note: The post-share window is automatically enabled when you add share buttons to your site. Most users can skip directly to Step Two to set-up their social network profiles.

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Click the settings icon Settings Icon at the top right to access your account settings (or click here).
  3. Click on Site Tools.
  4. Click Setting Follow Buttons next to your site name, which will take you to the Edit Settings page.
  5. Select the Sharing tab, click the checkbox next to “Show Post-Sharing Dialog” then toggle the switch next to Follow Buttons to the right.
  6. Finally, hit Save Settings and voila, you now have the post-share dialog set-up and ready for Follow Buttons.

Post-Share Follow Buttons

Step Two: Add Follow Buttons to your Post-Share window

Now that you’ve enabled the post-share window, you can add the social networks where you want readers to follow you. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Click the Settings icon Settings Icon next to Follow Buttons.
  2. Choose the position, layout, size and alignment of your follow buttons (a preview will show in the box below) and customize the Headline Text.
  3. In the Accounts section, add your username for the social networks you want to add. The buttons will appear in the preview box as you add your username.
  4. Click Save Settings and you’re done!

Adding Social Accounts for Post-Share Follow Buttons

Now, when someone shares a post, they get this!

Convert Engaged Readers into Followers

Customize your post-share message »
and drive new social fans and followers!

Want to see this live in action? Share our announcement (using any social buttons on this page) and see what happens.

Like what you see? Configure your settings now.

New to Shareaholic? Get it here.

As always, we’re listening. For questions, visit our helpdesk. For issues or helpful suggestions, email us at support@shareaholic.com or leave a comment below!

88 Responses to “Announcing “Post-Share” Follow Buttons. Grab attention when your readers are most engaged.”

  1. Calculated Traveller says:

    It would be great if there was an option to change the colour of the green banner to a colour that coordinated with the colours of your website.

  2. Dean Syme says:

    Is there any way we can remove the shareaholic link from the box?

  3. Oh wow! Lovely trick!

    Can’t wait to try it out :)

  4. Carla from OrganicLifestyleTV says:

    Love it, I am a big shareaholic fan… I already did it on my website… Thanks for all you do guys…

  5. Mike Allton says:

    This is great Danny! Thanks for the heads-up. Works like a charm.

  6. Not working for me. Set it up as described, the box comes up but despite having the relevant links in, none of the follow buttons or my amended headline appear when the box pops up. :(

  7. Frank Z says:

    Works like a charm .. thx!!

  8. Hey Danny! How are you?

    I really like your shares buttons, but I’m worried about page speed.

    I run a test, and this is the result: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/bCQ1bf/https://blog.shareaholic.com/post-share-follow-buttons/

    Well, Discuss as always is really slow, but the share buttons, are “calling” to the admin and they have a delay of 4 secs in average. Is this right?

    If it is… then, how can I improve that speed?

    Thanks a lot for this awesome plugin! :)

    • Danny Wong says:

      Hi Francisco,

      Thanks for the comment here. Excellent question. We indeed can make further optimizations to our blog. But that’s just our blog.

      As for our buttons, we intentionally load them last after everything else. That’s to ensure that our readers (and your readers) can see all the great content that’s being posted first and foremost. No one is going to share a post before they’ve even read it, right?

      You might also find comfort in the fact that we handle most of the load on our servers so your site won’t slow down — I promise! We’ve worked incredibly hard to make sure our tools are as lightweight as possible. PLUS if you take advantage of more than one of our tools (i.e. post-share, recommendations, etc.) and use us to replace any other plugins/apps you have installed, you’ll notice how your site loads a bit faster. That’s because with Shareaholic, you can utilize multiple tools at once while loading only one app (vs individual apps for each feature with other plugins and services).


      • Heikki Lahtela says:

        Hi Danny,

        I also liked your script but I am too worried about the loading times. I can’t cache, minify or do any other optimizations when loading a script from your servers. It would also be great if it would load from a cookie-less domain.

        I’ll stay tuned for updates and look forward to update my blog post about shareaholic and wordpress:

        It would be great if I could like use absolutely simplified version without avatars etc.

        Best regards,

        • Danny Wong says:

          Hi Heikki,

          Since you’ve last used our plugin, we’ve made a number of optimizations based on feedback from expert WP engineers who had spectacular suggestions for ways to boost performance.

          Also, you may find it comforting to note that our implementation uses WP caching, so you can easily set up your own transients.


          I’d highly recommend trying us out again and letting me know what you think!

          I’ll also email you so you have a direct line for further questions here :)

        • I tested the new version of Shareaholic WordPress plugin. The problems I described earlier are gone. Script really seems optimized. At least one possible improvement was found.
          Here are some more details: http://www.lahtela.com/shareaholic-wordpress-plugin-speed-test/

        • Danny Wong says:

          This has made my day. Will leave a comment on the post shortly :)

        • Jay Meattle says:

          Hi Heikki, We use industry best practices to make our code as fast and unobtrusive as possible, meaning we make sure we take appropriate steps to make sure that our code is well-written, loads asynchronously, minified and cached so that you don’t have to worry about all this.

          Have you tried the latest version of the plugin? (v7+ – http://wordpress.org/plugins/shareaholic/installation/) I would love to get your direct feedback! – Jay, CEO (jay@shareaholic.com)

        • Hi Jay (and Danny), and thank you for your quick response! I’m currently running new tests regarding the new script version of yours and the results are looking very good! New version does indeed respond to those speed issues and I see only a minor effect while using your script.

          I have already installed the new script on my site:

          I will let you know when I’m finished testing and I have some numbers. I will be posting a new post on my blog of the new version of your script. It will be up in 1-2 weeks. Br, Heikki

          PS. Your new feature works as well, thank you!

        • Danny Wong says:

          Much thanks, Heikki.

          That’s great news! Do keep us in-the-loop. I’m anxious to see what the quantifiable results are for you.

  9. Budget Bytes says:

    I’d love it if there was an RSS or email button to add to this list.

    • Danny Wong says:

      Ah, do you mean for the set of “follow” buttons? That’d be neat! Just so I fully understand what you mean: How would the email button work?

      • Budget Bytes says:

        Yep, RSS and email subscribe buttons along with the other “follow” buttons. Most people have those two along with the usual social media buttons somewhere on their page, so it’d be nice to be able to put them here, too. :)

        • Danny Wong says:

          Smashing. Thanks for this. Adding it to our development pipeline soon :)

        • Danny Wong says:

          One last question. Do you have any examples of sites you think do the “email subscribe” button really well? The RSS button is fairly straightforward, but I want to make sure we do the “email subscribe” right!

        • Budget Bytes says:

          Hmm, there’s nothing in particular that I was thinking. Usually it’s just some variation of an envelope (and I never know until it’s clicked if it’s a button to SEND an email or to SUBSCRIBE to emails). :P And thanks for being so responsive! That’s awesome!

        • Danny Wong says:

          Right. Perhaps we’ll try to do something a bit more edgy or intuitive with the envelope. My question was more regarding what the user flow would be after readers click the button. Would something pop-up that allowed them to enter their email in? Would it link to another page which has a sole purpose of email capture? Am thinking out loud here :)

        • Jay says:


          We have added several new services including Instagram, YouTube, Bloglovin, Vimeo, Flickr, Dribbble, FourSquare, Yelp, and RSS!

          More here:

    • Danny Wong says:

      Hi @budgetbytes:disqus, we’ve added a few new buttons here, including one for RSS. Go ahead and configure your site settings and let me know what you think :)

  10. Jami Gold says:

    Hi Danny!

    This is a great idea! I’ve added all my information (and it all works in the preview window), but it doesn’t show up on my live page. :( Any ideas?

    Also, any clue why my Related Content always shows the same posts? :/ Thanks for any insights!

    • Danny Wong says:

      Jami, emailing you in a second to source more information for troubleshooting :)

      Regarding your second question, I’ll need to confirm with our team, but I believe that’s because part of our recommendations algorithm factors in how much recommended posts are clicked. If your readers are engaging well with those recommendations, we’ll keep featuring them because they’re proven to drive more pageviews. Of course, we don’t want to fatigue readers by showing the same exact recommendations to the same readers over and over and over again. We are continuously improving our recommendations engine so stay tuned for a better solution soon!

  11. Very nice. I’ve had this on my site for about a week now and it’s working great. I appreciate all that you’re doing for us! Take care!

    • Danny Wong says:

      Thanks Jeanne. So happy to hear you’re enjoying the service. Do let me know if you have any ideas about how we can improve! Always keen to learn more about your needs.

  12. Elena says:

    That looks great. Any plans to add Youtube/Instagram option to the mix?

  13. Jaafar Alsharif says:

    Thank you very much.
    This feature is great but you need to make it more effective with mobile browsers.

  14. Chef LeeZ says:

    Most pleased with our test today. We will make it live over the next few days http://www.cookingschoolsintl.com/chefleez/TemplateTestPages/test2shareaholicBtn.html

    • Danny Wong says:

      Wonderful. Very excited here :)

    • Danny Wong says:

      Oops, I didn’t see the question you asked when I originally replied. Sorry for that!

      I’m not actually 100% sure what you’re referring to, so for further clarification, I’ll email you directly. That way we can discuss with links and screenshots. Check your inbox in a few minutes!

      • Chef LeeZ says:

        Hi Danny, I believe all s working exactly as designed with user sign in to their choice of the floating social network options and after their sharing a pop up overlay screen appears which I suspect is the like screen, correct or not? We now have sharaholic on 90% of our pages for this the first of four sites we have set up http://chefleez.com.

  15. Louise Cohen says:

    Hi Danny, great to see how the efforts of you people at Shareaholics and your responses to us users come close to perfection! There is just one thing that would please me enormously, being a designer… Could you put the Facebook F and the LinkedIn IN in white letters in the logo? The way they are designed now the stick out and they don’t match…. Thanks for all your work!

    • Danny Wong says:

      That’s an interesting suggestion. I’ll check with our team to see if that might be a change we’d want to make, though we’d need agreement across the board for this. If we do make the change, I’ll let you know!

      • Louise Cohen says:

        Wonderful! And if it gets to that you might even want to consider to create an option where you can give the icons any colour you like. My prediction is that customized colour icons are going to be the next thing…!

        • Danny Wong says:

          Hm. Do you know many other publishers and site owners that would want this? We’ve discussed the option of “grayscale” buttons, but haven’t thought extensively about full on customization. Would be interested to learn if this really is a much-desired feature!

        • Louise Cohen says:

          From a European point of design view customizing is very popular here with high end brands. They like to show icons in their branding colour and it gives a nice touch and feel to a site. Personalizing the icons also states quality, makes you stick out, shows you are in control and that you can afford it! Is this enough to give you an idea of the extra value it would create?

        • Danny Wong says:

          Noted, thank you! Enjoy your weekend, Louise.

    • coolcity says:

      I agree with that 100%, it would be a very welcome change.

  16. Awesome shares button !! Works like a dream … thank you :)

  17. KatyDee says:

    Very nice! Is there a shortcode or widget I can use to get the Follow icons into my site sidebar?

  18. veronica says:

    Hi Danny.. superb about the share buttons.. Great job!! I like the way you explained clearly about activating follow buttons…

  19. cseher says:

    Hi Rafael – Right now you can customize your Tweets to specify the url you would like shared. Right now, Twitter is the only service on which you can edit the shared domain. Instructions here: http://support.shareaholic.com/hc/en-us/articles/200470956-Customizing-your-Tweet-Template

    I hope this helps!

    Cameron Seher,
    Happiness Engineer @ Shareaholic

  20. Sean Coady says:

    Hey Danny, thanks for the article and thanks to the team for such a great plugin.

    One question I have right now would be is it possible to change the colours of the post-share window?

    • cseher says:

      Hello there Sean,

      Thanks for your feedback! Your suggestions drive our improvement and the good news is that we have received several requests for a similar customization feature. We do not currently offer the option to customize the colors, but I will make sure that your vote is counted in our consideration of what features to add next!


  21. Danny Wong says:

    Hi beat, YouTube channels are supported. Just enter your username and it’ll pop up. Let me know if you need help finding it.

    • beat wettstein says:

      Hi Danny, thanks for your reply. My YouTube channel name has two words and does not work with the mask youtube.com/user/username. My channel URL is of the forma youtube.com/c/channelname. Any chance you can remove the ‘/user’ bit from the url mask?

  22. Very helpful! Thank you! I’d made a change once before, but then couldn’t find where I had changed it. :-)

  23. John Vuong says:

    not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but the follow popup does not appear in firefox for me.

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