Jay Meattle

Shareaholic Top Bar:

You may have spotted the Shareaholic Top Bar in our latest release of Shareaholic for WordPress. If you haven’t already, do give it a try! We think you and your readers will love it.

Once enabled, as your readers read your posts, they will no longer have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post to share it. With the Top Bar your readers will be clearly reminded to ‘Like’ on Facebook, ‘Send’ to Facebook, recommend the post through Google +1, share over Google+ or post to Twitter and as a result increase the social sharing activity for your content!

You can see the Top Bar in action on this very post itself by scrolling down.


Want to see the share bar for yourself? Sure Shareaholic for WordPress.

  • b.nijhoff

    I tried it last week and love it so much. I hope you make more great tools for shareaholic for wordpress. Great job!

  • I am trying it but have 2 questions:

    – Can use it without using the ‘normal’ buttons. I tried, but had to choose at least one other service (while I already have a HTML/css version for those)

    – Where can I change when/where the bar drops down? Only when scrolling a long way down, the bar appears. Some people want to see share buttons without scrolling.


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