Jay Meattle

We are doing everything in our power to release the new Site Earnings payment system. We’re very close. Again, so sorry for the huge delay. Everyone at Shareaholic is working really hard and doing their best to get this right — we know how important this is to you. The team is now going through our pre-flight checklists to ensure the system works as it should for you. We’re almost there.

Here’s a preview of what is coming very soon:

Payments History Preview

From this new Payments History section in your Site Tools dashboard, you will be able to set the payment recipient, check balances for each Site Monetization App, lifetime earnings, dive deep into an itemized site earnings statement, and request payment. We think you’ll love this new functionality!

We really appreciate your patience and support, and we look forward to transmitting your earnings very shortly.

Get priority access to our new Site Monetization platform today!