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SexyBookmarks v2.5.2.3 Now Ready!

Ok, so there were a few bugs that didn’t get fixed this time around… However, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Some of them have still yet to be solved, while others are simply still on the “back burner” until I actually get a few free moments to be able to add the fixes for them. Please be patient, and I assure you I will fix all of them that have been reported!

This patch fixes the following list of issues:

  1. Fixed “Subscribe to Comments” link

  2. Fixed issue with titles & URLs on index pointing to site and not individual articles

  3. Fixed persistent Twittley error message when saving settings

  4. Resolved issue with Google Bookmarks link

  5. Fixed issue with some themes forcing borders and background colors for menu items

  6. Added mobile browser check & ability to hide menu from mobile

  • anonyme

    dude the error messages are still there. i gave up after trying to fix the twittley b.s. about ten times. each time the message popped up all the default settings came back, forcing me to do it all over again. after 10 times, i gave up.

  • Bert


    I tried in joomla, but I cannot see them.
    I installed the plugin and it was ok
    I went to the plugin management and configure the buttons I want or don’t want to see.
    save it
    and the only thing I see it’s the words
    sharing is sexy and a small dot.
    however if I go through the buttons with the mouse
    I see them when the cursor is on it, but if I move, it goes away again.

  • Saeed

    I don’t know why When I active this plugin do not show it in My web site !!
    I set Menu Location (in relevance to content):Below Content
    And My them Is

    Please help me I really want use this plugin

  • Saeed

    Finally I found what problem was

    The problem is The name of this plugin !!!
    I live in Iran and I All of Islamic Government like Iran for example UAE,Saudi Arabia,And many other country block the “sexy” word so If you could please change this plugin name

  • adam

    So, I wasn’t sure where else to post this: The contact form for the site is not working. Seems to be a bug in the AJAX submit. It says, “please wait” (or the like) and just stalls there. I wanted to contact the author with question about the sprite file, but haven’t been able to.

  • ipank

    i love this plugin in joomla 1.5 but i have a problem with this :

    Notice: Use of undefined constant add_css – assumed ‘add_css’ in … www/plugins/content/sexybookmarks.php on line 49

    this a sample : (this articel eror too)

    please… help me..

  • Ulysses

    Josh, thanks for the super plugin. i’m using it on my blog for 2 months now. is there a way to prevent sexybookmarks from generating short urls when using previews? i’m using my own personal url shortener, and everytime i do a preview before publishing, it generates a short url. when i publish, it generates another. in essense, it generates two urls. if i dont do a preview and just publish right away, it works like a charm. i’ll wait for your response. thanks!

  • Jeremy

    I’m getting a weird mirroring aspect when viewing the plugin. Basically it’s as if the part that is normally hidden (Not selected) is stuck to the top. I’m guessing it’s something in my theme.

  • GusRocket

    Im having ans strange problem after last update.
    Could you help me?
    Check out any post at
    The buttons are in the wrong place and the effect is wrong.

  • ceops

    Thank you this is amazing! can i change the my self the colours of “sharing is sexy” if YES how can i do this? i mean how to find file and reupload if NO its not problem cause buttons are really sexy :D

  • Matt


    Loving your plugin, however just auto-updated to the latest version ( and now my buttons don’t pop up when you hover over them?

    Does this problem just exist with me or is it a problem with all? Fix appreciated.

  • Chris

    I suddenly started getting this error message on all pages with the sexy bookmark. Any ideas please?

    PHP Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in D:\inetpub\wwwroot\businesscomputingworld\wp-content\plugins\sexybookmarks\public.php on line 50

  • Matt

    Any help with my above issue?

  • Vet

    OK, I absolutely LOVE this plugin but can’t get it to work on my site, Let me just say I’m not a techie but I’m learning on my own… I read your F.A.Q where u advised to check the stylsheet for !important and I did that but didn’t find it in my CSS. What could be the problem?

  • Delighted Shopper

    Very nice!!! and best of all.. SEXY!!! thanks for this.

  • eve @ letters to breathe

    Hi, I am having trouble configuring the plugin, WP 2.86 I installed it from the ‘plugins, ad new, install, activate) No errors, but when I try to go to settings>sexy bookmarks, all I get is a blank page, no errors, just blank…

    I tried deactivating and reactivating, no luck- any ideas?

  • mani4astro

    frnd i have try to install the sexybookmark v2 in my blog
    also i have uploaded the image (icon ) to and i used it,but the bookmark icons are not visible pls,help me …my blog is customised template.

  • Lou

    Hi Josh, First of all.. thanks for a great plugin.

    OK I’m hoping there’s an easy way to always have the pics expanded without hover and to underline each with a title ie.. under the twitter pic have ‘Twitter’ etc?

    I have so many blogs and this little change will make all the difference to me so if you could help it would be much appreciated.


  • Amanda

    My theme’s stylesheet extensively uses “!important”. I’m very new to blogging and don’t have any CSS experience. Is it possible to make sexybookmarks work with my theme? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Nadia Ahmad Kamal

    Thank you so much for the wonderful plugin, Josh! I was looking for a nice plugin for bookmarking via social networks, and I must say, yours is the best!

  • mintori

    Its really sexy bookmark, but I still confuse how to setting in wordpress?

  • sunset

    hi, plugin not activited? not plugin activite :(

  • gadgets

    I love this plugin. It’s being installed on my gadgets site as we speak!

  • Saqib Designs

    Thanks for this nice bookmarks plugin.. earlier I tried many and got that everyone of them shows probs to me.. but this one dint do ny prob and I could run it success with easy clicks..

    Thanks again buddy :)

    well I am using new beta version now..

    Keep up good work.. :)

  • Tembang Lawas

    Thank you this is amazing! can i change the my self the colours of “sharing is sexy” if YES how can i do this? i mean how to find file and reupload if NO its not problem cause buttons are really sexy :D

  • Jon

    Stumbleupon puts the URL as the title of the review and it cannot be edited.

  • Jon

    Ah, just tried Beta and SU works in that.

  • pRista Ayu

    thank for share josh, i used sexybookmark in my blog with the plugin, by the way your article very useful for me, thank :)

  • pRista Ayu

    josh, can u add me into your blogroll please or link exchange with me ? thank josh

  • MiamiWebDesign

    Hey, thanks for the the plugin, I’ve been seeing these links all over the place, I’m moving my current site to wordpress so i’m gonna use it once i’m done with the development. Thanks for the post

  • Syed Taha

    Awesome plugin. Very neat and sexy ;)

  • NiceDL.Org

    It conflicts with BBCode (Spoiler tag)

  • Joom

    What about Joomla ? is there a extension ?

    • Ginny Soskey

      We don’t have an extension for Joomla, but you can manually insert our share button code if you’d like to use Shareaholic! We’d love to have you in our community. You can check out our share buttons here:

  • Oriontool

    How does one get “Help”? I really like the plugin, but I have tried on 4 sites with different themes and cannot get it to even load?


  • Josh

    You should first read the FAQ, then if you still have the same problem (whatever that may be) then use the appropriate contact form to make sure your issue is noted and taken care of.

    FAQ –
    Bug Report Form –

  • Josh

    I didn’t create nor do I maintain the Joomla extension version of my plugin… That is done by Alex at:

    Please refer any questions regarding the Joomla version to him.


  • Josh

    I’m afraid that just isn’t possible.

    I’m terribly sorry that your country places restrictions on just about every aspect of your life and what you can do with it, but I cannot change the name of the plugin for one user who is having problems when I have 23,000 others who are not.

  • John R

    You can manually wordaround the ‘Sexy’ issue by making some modifications to the plugin yourself.

    I’ve posted some basic instructions on how to do this over at my blog. I’ve tested this against WebSense, which was my main agenda. I’m not sure how the word ‘sexy’ within the page would work for you though…

  • Josh

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll check into that now…

    I’ve also just emailed you to the address you listed in your comment settings.

  • adam

    Hi, Josh. I did get your email, but, when I replied, I got an undeliverable message from your your service provider. (Sorry, again, to use the post comments to alert you.)

  • Josh

    Wow, thanks for bringing that up… I hadn’t even thought about that!

    I’ll get with Norman and see what he thinks as to whether or not this is a feasible possibility or not.

    Thanks again!

  • norman

    hey ulysses, i think we’ll be looking into a solution for that. sounds like something we would want to fix.

  • Josh

    This site is dedicated to the “WordPress” version of SexyBookmarks.

    If you’re having troubles with the Joomla extension, you’ll need to talk to Alex (the creator of the Joomla extension) on his website.

    You can find him here:

  • Ulysses

    Thanks, Norman. Looking forward to it. :) Cheers.

  • Ulysses

    Hi Norman, Josh,

    I found a workaround/fix for the issue with previews and published posts creating two URLs.

    When a post is previewed – prior to publishing, the link created, for example, is:

    When it’s published, it becomes a permalink like this – that’s if you are using permalinks:

    Hence, two different URLs, although both links resolve to the same page.

    I’ve added my own personal URL shortener in your plugin. My URL script shortener script creates two separate entries for each post if previewed. Only if previewed.

    The fix/workaround is in public.php code:

    `} elseif($sexy_plugopts[‘shorty’] == “urlshort”) {
    if (get_post_status($post->ID) == ‘publish’) { $first_url = “”.$perms; }

    This code checks if the post is published. If it’s not, it does not create a URL. It only creates when published.

    I made changes to your latest plugin on my blog. It works like a charm.

  • Josh

    Sorry for the issues with this version… We were trying to remove all “!important” rules from our stylesheet, but it has apparently been a complete failure in terms of working properly.

    We’ll be adding the !important rules in again shortly which will then override your theme’s stylesheet properly to display the menu as it should.


  • Josh

    We’re having some issues with the most recent update… We will be updating again shortly with a fix.


  • Josh

    Well, the images aren’t dynamically changeable… but you can download the file itself and change it, then re-upload it to your sever.

    It should be located at:

  • GusRocket

    Thanks. The last update ( a few minutes ago) fixed the bugs.

    Let me ask you something, how do I use a custom backgroud?


  • Josh

    You would need to edit the background image “sexy-trans.png” that comes with the plugin.

  • Josh

    Hi Ulysses,

    We’re actually working on a solution that’s pretty similar to what you posted, and it should be ready in the next release… Just need to do some testing on it first.

  • Josh

    Hello, please select a different URL shortening service than

    I’m currently working out some issues with that serivce, but until that time, you’ll need to use a different service.

    Select your new service, and also select the “Clear all short URLs” option, then save your changes. This will remedy the error.

  • Josh

    Sorry, I apparently missed your comment…

    I just checked your site and it seems that something is going on with your stylesheet that shouldn’t be.

    I found a fix, and will include it in a future update soon.

    Otherwise, if you’d like, you can email me using the contact form(s) in the menu at the top of the page and I can guide you through the process to fix it until then.


  • Josh

    Hmm, it looks like it’s working to me:

    Either you already found the problem, or maybe it was just a fluke?

  • Vet

    thanks! i’m an idiot, had it set to display only for posts, not pages. that’s what i get for tweeking my blog at 2am….. thanks again

  • Ulysses

    Thanks Josh! Looking forward to the changes. Keep up the great work!

  • Josh

    Sounds as though the automatic installer didn’t work for you… You may try doing it manually via ftp. Login with ftp to your server, delete the sexybookmarks plugin files (if there are any) that the automatic install created, then download the file, unzip, and upload to your server manually using ftp. This will ensure that the files don’t get corrupted, misplaced, or broken during the installation.

  • eve @ letters to breathe

    thanks for the suggestion- I tried that, and no change- I just submitted a bug report with some more details, I LOVE the plugin so hopefully we can get it to work.

    It is actually ‘working’ right now, on the blog when it is activated, but I can’t change any settings. :-(

  • Josh

    There’s no “option” to set the plugin to display in this way if that’s what you’re asking… However, if you choose the “Use custom mods” option, then you can edit the new stylesheet it creates and set the background positions accordingly so that they will display the “expanded” version of each icon at all times.

  • Josh

    Hmm… Themes that use “!important” don’t necessarily mess up the plugin… I was just stating that *could* be a contributing factor if you’re having issues.

    It looks like the plugin is working just fine on your site as it is now:

  • Josh

    I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying…

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