When asked how they discover new content, many people will tell you they do that through Twitter and Facebook. And for those times when they have a specific question in mind – like who the best plumber in Boston is – it’s Google.

While organic search will bring you that one time visitor looking for something specific – but what about loyalty? And when it comes to social, it’s tough to fight through the clutter of political rants, wedding pictures and whatnot in newsfeeds to find a shared article that actually interests you.

Will content consumers even be happy with the content they discover once they discover it? And for publishers, how do you get your content in front of the right audience?

An Answer.

Shareaholic Channels offer a more fun way for consumers to discover the best content and an easier way for publishers to get found by the most interested readers. Through topic-based collections of the best content from our publisher network of 200,000 websites Shareaholic Channels make finding great content an easy and delightful experience.

Explore content with Channels here.

Channels are a game-changer for Shareaholic publishers. These topic-based collections will drive higher click-throughs than other content discovery channels because your content is being presented to a targeted audience that is actively seeking out posts on the subject you write about. That means more pageviews and profits for you.

You want to be in here.

Shareaholic Channels are kind of NSFW for content consumers. That’s because reading the delicious, beautiful, funny and thought-provoking posts from the Shareaholic publisher network could take up your afternoon. Savory recipes, new workouts, beautiful clothes, personal finance tips… you name it. There’s a whole lot to discover, so get comfy. You’re going to love this.

How to Join Channels

For the initial launch of Shareaholic Channels, we’ve curated a small featured set of the top 1% of our publishers and topics. A HUGE congrats to all who are featured! We’re Tweeting and celebrating with our featured publishers all day on Twitter. Follow along with us using the hashtag #SHRChannels.

This focused approach helps us fine-tune the experience for everyone in the beginning. We are working with the community to add more publishers and Channels as soon as possible.

So talk to us!

We heart great content, Shareaholic Publisher or not. If you’d like to apply to be in a Channel, sign up here.

Help From Our Friends

To put it gently, this was a pretty big project and we couldn’t have done it by ourselves. Community is so important. To curate the best content for our launch, we got a little help from our friends. A huge thank you to Boston Parent Bloggers for helping us kick off our Parenting Channel, especially to Jodi GrundigChristy Matte for helping us coordinate everything.

To kick off our Personal Finance Channel, we wanted to thank our friends at PerkStreet Financial for helping us get started on the right foot – can’t wait to work with you more!

Thanks again to all of our Shareaholic publishers for enabling us to launch amazing things like Shareaholic Channels today. Congrats to everyone who was featured in our initial launch and please drop us a line if you’re interested in being considered for inclusion!

  • Janet and the rest of the Shareaholic team,
    Thank YOU so much for letting PerkStreet be a part of this. Shareaholic is a true thought leader on the subject of social sharing and a real authority on content quality. Our staff at PerkStreet was honored to be selected for this launch… There aren’t many other financial services companies out there launching 3 blog posts per day in hopes of helping customers and non-customers alike make better sense of their money and their lives. But your recognition of what we’re doing still caught us by surprise. We can’t wait to watch the Channels grow. If you guys do this half as well as you’ve done analytics, it will end up being incredibly useful to the other members of your community. Thanks again. Let’s do more together soon. -Kyle

    Kyle Psaty
    PerkStreet Financial

    • Kyle you’re the best! As a Perkstreet customer I speak wholeheartedly when I say that you guys kick butt with your content, we were pumped to include you in the launch! We’ll do more together soon :)

  • So excited to have been selected; I heart you back! Thank you, Shareaholic!

    • Thanks for being an awesome user! We were excited to include ya.

  • Thanks Sharon. We applied for Technology with blog.ThoughtReach.com. This looks like a great idea.

    • Thanks for applying! We’re excited to take a look.


    Wow happy happy Shareaholic Channels

  • I really love the Shareaholic Channels and I am so honored that you included my blog in the mix. Thanks so much!

    • Ginny Soskey

      Aw, thanks Peggy! :) We love having you as a Shareholic Publisher with amazing content. Thanks for choosing us!

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