IMPORTANT UPDATE: We’ve released Shareaholic for WordPress version 7.5. It’s better, faster and smarter than ever.

You guys all know about our WordPress Plugin. Well, we’ve re-written our apps from scratch to get us ready for some really awesome features you’ve all been asking for.

Now, this update will look quite different from what you’re used to, especially if you have been using the WordPress Plugin for a while. The interface has way less going on than before.

The Settings Page was clearly not made for the Liz Lemons of the world.

So, are there less features?

Nope! We just did a ton of house cleaning. In fact, it’s got all sorts of things you couldn’t do before, like, custom counters, sizes, and mobile themes. Oh, and we cut the file size of our buttons so they will load much faster too! Oh, they are also Retina ready, so they also look awesome on your mobile devices. AND Vertical…… Share…… Buttons! :)

The old admin screen is gone too. I won’t beat around the bush, that old admin screen gave me a headache. So, the new settings screen is different and much much simpler to navigate.


When you click “edit”, you’ll get:



I Want in!

If you already have Shareaholic for WordPress installed, just wait for the update notice in your WordPress dashboard. Otherwise, you can get Shareaholic for WordPress here.

Just as a reminder, in case you you have any problems with installation, or have more questions, visit our helpdesk and we’ll get back to you lickedy-split.

REMINDER: In case you missed it, we’ve updated our plugin to version 7.5. Read all about it here.

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  • Pim Uijttewaal

    Upgrading by WP resulted in losing all my settings AND counters! Deactivating, deleting the v7 plugin and restoring fixed everything. Is this a known issue? This is the site,

    • Hi Pim! v7 is an entirely redesigned plugin from the ground up. Basically, the apps are entirely new, which means settings couldn’t carry over as the old apps are gone. When configuring your settings, you have several share counter options. It’s pretty cool how many options we stuffed into our much cleaner interface :)

      If you need a little guidance, we have a few articles in our support center that should help you get up and running and hopefully answer any other questions you may have. Here’s the link:

      We also released one of the articles as a blog post with a few screenshots to provide more of a visual walkthrough:

      If you need additional assistance, you can contact me directly by submitting a request with your questions through our support center, and I’ll help in any way that I can! :)

      Helpdesk: |

  • Roger

    Same problem for me, couldn´t change a thing in the admin screen. Removed v7 and installed

    • Hi, Roger! Are you able to enter the plugin settings page in your WP Admin Panel? If so, is the problem when you interact with the ‘Edit’ buttons? Are they completely unresponsive, or does a configuration panel appear in the middle of your screen?

      If you do see the panel, but have trouble interacting with the options to configure your settings, try clearing your browser cache and then refreshing the plugin settings page and loading the Edit panel again as this may fix the problem.

      Any additional details you can provide about the issue would be extremely helpful. We’d love to smooth out any bumps in v7 as quickly as possible,, and I’m happy to assistant with any snags you may run into. :)

  • Jim

    Even though I see that “alignment” is listed as something I can edit within the new “Edit” areas, I don’t see a way to actually adjust the alignment. What am I missing?

    Btw, my counters work fine after the upgrade.

    • Jim

      Well, I just tinkered with changing the look of my share icons, and all my counters have now disappeared. Oh well!

      • Jim,

        Counters should be present. Do you have them enabled?


        Helpdesk: |

        V7 Upgrade HelpDesk topics:

        • Jim


          The problem I ran into (and others I’m sure as well), is that I’m running into the plugin not actually saving my settings even when I hit “Save Settings”. Over and over again I am finding that the header keeps popping up even though I chose “No Header”.

          The problem I ran into on the counters is that it *was* enabled, then I changed the look of the button from square to round, and the counter somehow changed to “off” in the process even though I didn’t touch that setting.

          Make sense?

        • Hi Jim, we just released a fix for the header not saving. Can you please confirm this is working for you now? Thank you!

        • Jim

          Seems to be saving now! Thanks!

        • @d15e98fbec2223c4164e84f51edfedb0:disqus perfect!!

        • Jim, we’re working hard on and will be releasing an update later today that will allow you to left/center/right align the share buttons. Wanted to give you a heads up!

    • Hi again, while Jay speaks with you about your counters concern, I’d like to direct you to an article in our support center that should help if you’re looking for a centering option. It will also help you achieve any other alignment you desire with a few tweaks:

      Let me know if this is what you were looking for, and if not, I’m happy to answer any questions! :)

  • Jim

    Just tried sharing through the Facebook button and it asks me to sign in with either a Twitter or Facebook account. When I choose Facebook, it tells me that “this account is already connected to another account”. What’s up with that and how do I fix it?

    • Hi Jim, this is fixed as well in the latest v7.0.2.0 release!

    • I am running the latest version of this plugin and constantly get this message. It’s pretty frustrating.

      At first I thought it was because I was signed into Twitter on one account in Chrome, and using it just fine. Cause I’d get this message when I tried to sign in via another Twitter account in Firefox. But, now it’s giving me that message both places.

  • Jim

    Follow-up: I had to log out of Facebook, clear my browser cache to re initiate the account access. This probably should have been addressed so people are aware.

    Another possible “bug” or just a dropped feature which is too bad. Before, when I clicked on the Facebook button, I had the option to choose whether to share the content onto my personal profile or any of the pages I manage. The new set-up only allows you to share it to one’s personal profile. Can this be fixed? Thanks!

    • Hi Jim! We’re actually going to be implementing more options in this interface (reintroducing some functionality that has been lost in the transition); please, stick around while we work on rolling out more improvements. This is just the first step in the process. There is much more to come!

      And for your Facebook issue, it sounds like your Facebook account was already connected to a Shareaholic account other than the one you were currently logged into. You can manage your connected services here:

      You’ll also be notified of any account conflicts on this page as well with the option to auto-correct the problem by our system. And if you didn’t catch this while scanning the comments, here’s an article with more information about the FB/Twitter share panel:

      Hope this information helps!

      • Jim


        makes sense now. I hadn’t realize that the new version was running everything through Shareaholic now. And you are correct, I had synced my FB account with my first ever Shareaholic account. For some reason I made a new account while working on my work site (vs. personal). Might just need to delete one account to avoid conflicts in the future.

        And yes, please bring back the ability to share directly to a managed FB page! :)


        • @d15e98fbec2223c4164e84f51edfedb0:disqus done! You can now share to Facebook Pages.

  • When I edit my Share buttons > Posts > Below Content, I attempt to rearrange them and get a “The page at says: You have reached the maximum number of buttons.” pop-up. I don’t understand why this would happen when I am not adding any additional share icons, I am only rearranging them. I tried deleting and re-installing from scratch with no luck. My Website:

    I thought I’d add that I currently have 10 share icons, but need to go down to 8 in order to rearranging them without seeing an error.

    • Hi r1tommy! I’ve informed engineering, and they are looking into this. I really appreciate that you reached out to us to report the issue. We’ll see what we can do!

      • Guest

        Now seeing the following when clicking the “Edit” button within Share buttons > Posts > Below Content.

        • Go to Shareaholic -> Advanced Settings -> Reset Settings. This should fix this. Warning: this will delete all your settings and you’ll have to re-setup, but this should be fast given the drastically cleaned up / simplified admin menus.

      • Guest

        Now seeing the following when clicking the “Edit” button within Share buttons > Posts > Below Content.

    • @itsmetommy:disqus we just removed the limit on how many share icons you can enable. You can now add as many as you like!

  • Florian

    Got error all the time:

    It appears that we are having some trouble setting up Shareaholic for
    WordPress right now. This is usually temporary. Please revisit this
    section after a few minutes or click “retry” now.


  • Pim Uijttewaal

    I see they now acknowledge issues as they removed V7 from the WordPress repository. Hope it will be fixed.

    • Hi Pim,

      We’re working through all issues right now. The plugin is live in the WordPress repository.


  • theunknown

    connect an account is fail!

    • Hi! You can manage your Twitter and Facebook account settings through the Connected Services screen of your Shareaholic account. More details on the FB/Twitter share panel interface is located here:

      If the issue is actually a problem with connecting to your Shareaholic account within the plugin settings page, any additional information you can provide would be helpful, such as error messages received or behavior that we should know about in order to investigate. Thanks for your help!

  • MommiFried

    Suddenly since I update the WordPress plugin this morning, the icons are gone from the top of posts when using Chrome. They appear on IE – but the counters are gone. Help!

    • Hi! There are a couple things I’d like you to check. First, head to your plugin settings page and check the configuration of any buttons that are missing or not set properly. In the Edit panel, verify that you do have counters turned on. Also, make sure that your settings have saved properly. If you make any changes in this panel, after saving, reopen and check again, just to make sure. This can save a lot of grief and help us to identify if there is an issue on our end.

      Now, I’d like you to clear your browser’s cache as well, and because you just updated our plugin and have made changes to your site, go ahead and empty any caching plugins to ensure you are loading the most current resources when you view your site.

      Please, let me know how this goes. I’d love to help get things working properly for you! :)

  • Baja Artists

    Puzzles me…

    Why make something that is so called free, with no option to be white labeled? I mean unless you plan to charge real soon to have it white labeled, it doesn’t make any sense to me. During this free period, whats the reason not to have the option? Unless you guys are after the free advertising and if that’s the case, then this plugin isn’t really free. All my plugins are white labeled, I pay for white labels on most, if i like the plugin. It should always be an option, regardless if you plan to charge later or not. Besides, the old version was white labeled, so why the change????

    The buyers of your other products (if that’s the objective), should be us the people that are happy with the current product. But, don’t use my website as a billboard and call it free, IMO it makes the website look cheap. I like your plugin a lot and it works well, But it’s not worth the exchange to depreciate the value by making our website look cheap.

    Please add the option to go white, either way.

    My 2 cents.

    • Hi @bajaartists:disqus you can disable the tiny logo above the Recommendations App under “General Website Settings”. Is this what you’re referring to? For Share Buttons we’re using the Open Share Icon ( for the catch-all services panel.

  • Frederick

    I just Upgrated to Version Now ALL my Social stuff is gone and I have this very nice sign ON TOP of all my pages:

    “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/shareaholic/utilities.php on line 407”

    I don;t want to delete the Plugin cause I don’t want to lose all the social “Likes” and “Shares” I accumulated over the years. So what should I do now????


    • hi Frederick!

      We just pushed out an update. With version you can now –

      – center, left or right align the buttons.
      – added support for custom headers for share buttons
      – you can now on / off toggle the “More Options” share button
      – A host of fixes for the unresponsive “Edit Button” and “General Website Settings” button bug (If you’re still facing this issue, please contact us)

      Please make sure to delete your browser cache post-upgrade to ensure you’re running the latest code. If you run into more issues, do let us know –

  • how do i space the icons out evenly rather than left/right/center?
    Also, removed the “sharing is caring” but even though I hit save, it’s still showing up.

    • Make sure to empty all caches in any caching plugins along with your browser cache, then double check your settings to see if your change was saved. If it was, check for this change on your site, and it will match.

  • Joyce

    Same here…upgraded to version and buttons did not show up on Post. Don’t think that anyone has a solution yet. Thinking about going back to the older version or installing another social media plugin.

    • Check the Edit panels for your selections below Post to see if your custom configurations are correctly saved. Make sure you’ve cleared any caching plugins along with your browser cache.

      Were the buttons appearing on your posts in v7.0.3.2, but disappeared immediately following the update to v7.0.3.3?

      If the issue is still present, could you please provide me with a link to one of your posts so that I can take a look? Thanks!

      • Joyce

        Hey Creign,

        I have seen your replies on other posts and tried everything that has been suggested (i.e. clear cache, uninstalling, re-installing). I have checked the options to show buttons above and below every post. The link to one of the post is


        • Hey Joyce, if you haven’t yet contacted us via email, could you please submit a request through our support center ( ) so that we can troubleshoot? I would love to help!

  • Ankh

    I would like to install plugin on my new website but there is a problem – lack of instalation files on Woops!

  • new user

    Does this plugin not work on android?

  • SAm

    i’m trying to get latest version Version but unable to. Here also It says Version but not

    I’m running other website on same hosting and successfully installed latest version i.e. but to my other site I’m not able to install. Neither from dashboard nor I’m able to find any website where I could download v7.0.3.3

    Could you please help?

  • I’ve e-mailed and asked here. I am still getting errors and the plugin is not working….This is one of my favorite plugins so please help me fix it

  • Roman

    Where can I get the latest version of Shareaholic (v7.x) ?

    Thanks, Roman

  • Niiyanki

    Can I use my own customized share images? If so how?

  • jguajardo

    need to write this in the post? [shareaholic app="share_buttons" id="162512"] ?? I never see the!!

  • jguajardo

    plugin don’t work me on wordpress (7.x ) …

  • jguajardo

    now works, but not as well, sometimes load and sometimes not! : (

  • juan ignacio guajardo urzua

    why sametime load shareaholic, and sometime don’t load ??

  • Jonny

    Hi guys, I’m quite excited about how many barriers are being broken with technology. I’ve only ever blogged when away, memoirs to future selves and present friendlings and familiars whose lives, sadly for them, I’m momentarily absent from… But now I’m thinking about a motherblog, with blogs for how I fixed this and connected this and what I’m doing with my life and new music recommendations and where I’m going and what I’ve seen and what I’ve learned and would like to share – a vlog, inspired by the inspiring thenewboston (check youtube, and can you use insert hyperlinks in these comments, and how (i would’ve linked thenewboston to, a blog for each to encourage relevance and specificity… I would do this if it were easy, recommendable (if not what do others do here) and ideally linkable to shareholic… who’s “smart keyboard ie f for facebook” is not as ideal as I had hoped! “T”ranslated nothing whilst composing “quick” replies here and there…

    So this is a call for suggestions and tips from people who share (blog) about lots of different stuff.. multi-blogging I guess. And perhaps even recommendations for how to do it right, if this is not right. Erm, thanks.

  • how do i space the icons out evenly rather than left/right/center?

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