Today we are thrilled to announce that after months of fine tuning, we’re releasing a brand new version of the Related Content app, which will maximize the relevancy of your recommended posts.


Backed by a fully redesigned algorithm and sophisticated new technology, our Related Content Engine is built to deliver the highest quality content recommendations to your readers.

Your Content Concierge

Shareaholic Related Content 2.0 digs deep into your posts and studies your content, then utilizes our unique insights into user interests gathered from billions of data points across our suite of apps to target like never before. The result: contextually relevant recommendations for your audience, which translates into new growth opportunities for you.

Get Shareaholic Related Content 2.0

We’ve woven this update right into the fabric of our existing technology, so as we begin to roll this out today, you’ll see new and improved content recommendations automatically! If you’ve never tried our Related Content app, or have been frustrated with other services, now is the time to activate Shareaholic Related Content.


Earn Revenue From Related Content, too!

This fall we released a new monetization feature called Promoted Content which enables you to earn revenue from native sponsored ads on your site. This feature is built into the improved Related Content app, so there’s no additional installation required! Plus you can still display your own content alongside promoted posts to continue building traffic while earning revenue.

3 Reasons Why We Think You’ll Love Shareaholic Promoted Content

  • Fully Customizable – Control how many native ads and related posts are displayed, exclude content, optimize your settings anytime!
  • Premium Rates – Make the most from your traffic with our exclusive rates and track how much money you make with our simple performance graph.
  • Beautiful on any device – Our apps accommodate any site layout and device, so your content looks great no matter where your readers consume it.

It’s easy to manage within our WordPress plugin, Drupal module and on Also, getting paid is simple: just add your payment information to your* settings – that’s all!

*Don’t have a account? Sign-up now, it’s free! 

We Built This For You

Over the past year, we’ve spoken with tens of thousands of users and the takeaway was: you wanted more from our Related Content App. So we hired expert data scientists and engineers to rebuild and dramatically upgrade our technology. The result is what you’ll see roll out over the next few weeks – a truly customized journey through your content that benefits both you and your audience.

  • Nice feature…looks promising.. :)

    • Thanks! Let us know what you think of it if you get a chance to activate it on your site. Always eager to hear feedback from users!

  • cseher

    Hi there!

    I’d be glad to assist in helping to get Related Content working for you! Here are links to the install details for Blogger users (scroll down for related content specifics), and a link to our related content guides:


    Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally with any more specifics about the trouble you are having!

    We’re here to help!


  • Nick Taylor

    Congrats Shareaholic team! I’m curious to see how you do against the other related content players such as nRelate, Outbrain and Taboola. There is clearly a ton of money to be made with this type of native advertising and it will be an interesting race for sure! My big prediction is that Facebook is on the verge of acquiring one of these players to instantly gain inventory on third party sites… curious to see how everything pans out, go BOSTON!!

    • Hey Nick, thanks for the kind words. We’re pretty thrilled to provide this to publishers and love the support. p.s. just found you on Twitter + LinkedIn. Let’s continue the convo there!

  • cseher

    Hello DJ,

    We currently do not have customizable options for pulling content from forum pages, which are, in terms of how we scrape for user content, several degrees removed from your root domain, as technically they are not “part of your site.” And, though this is typically not a feature that we have many requests for, it’s certainly not a bad idea and we are listening :) Thanks for your feedback!

  • Your post inspired me to install Shareahholic plugin to my WordPress so that I can share the related posts. I used nRelated for some time, that too was awesome service. However when I can use multiple service from shareaholic alone, it’s much better.

  • cseher

    Hello there, and thanks for your question!

    Unfortunately this release does not include that capability, but we are always thinking of new ways to make our services more customizable, so your feedback is so important, and appreciated!

    Happy Sharing!

  • Sushrut Padhye


    I am wondering whether it is possible to remove the green ‘Choose your service’ button from the Shareaholic plugin. It appears automatically without enabling it and I want it removed from my blog. Any help will be appreciated.

    • cseher



      You can remove that button! From your dashboard on or from the plugin, you can exclude that button by going in to the share button customization screen, and selecting to uncheck the “Show ‘More Options’ Button” box. If you are using Floating share buttons (through, that ‘box’ is actually a green/white toggle switch under Edit>Floating Share Buttons. Flip that switch and save your settings, and that button will no longer show up!

      Hope this helps! And all the best,


      • Sushrut Padhye

        Oh! Silly me! I was wondering why I am not able to drag it in the bin. I unchecked the box, and the icon would still not go. So, I think the icon just sits there in the customisation screen regardless of whether you check it or not.
        Anyway, thank you very much, Cameron.

  • Nice feature…looks promising.. :)

  • pangamers

    This seems to be the only useful money making part of your product. I’ve installed it today and will see how things go.

    I would like to know how we organise payment once we reach a certain limit? All I can find is analytics and a message saying we will receive a report. No mention of how payment is made, which accounts can receive it, whether you can use PayPal etc.

  • pangamers

    How long does it take for this plugin to show more than just the ‘cheap iphone/ipad’ generic ads from Madbid?

    • There’s a method to our madness, which we can’t fully reveal :)

      That said, the recommendations we deliver to you might not be the same to all of your other readers, so if you only see MadBid ads, I wouldn’t worry too much. Your audience is likely to see a different variety of ads!

      • So as things progress, you will be expanding and including a larger number of advertisers?

        I’m interested to see where this goes. There aren’t many decent monetization plugins that actually work – and the best thing about this one is it also adds functionality to the website by displaying related local posts.

        • That’s correct! Much more to come shortly.

          Thanks for joining us along this journey. It’ll be a fun one.

  • cseher

    Hello There,

    Unfortunately at this time, we don’t offer alternative methods, but stay tuned! We are currently working on diversifying our user options for payout.

    Thanks for your patience!

  • cseher

    That’s correct, there is a revenue share which is how are able to support our business. However, if you would like to determine the ‘average’ price-per-click that your site generates, you can simply divide your total revenue earned by the total paid clicks for that same time period. For complete information on payment and monetization offerings, here is a link to our documentation pages on the subject:

    If you have more questions, please feel free to email me directly!


  • stellamaris5

    HI team, good work there! I just am curious about something. Since installing the Worpress plugin, I’ve had only one and the same promoted content item (ie nothing changes) with the rest related, on a desktop browser and no promoted content at all on mobile browsers. My levels are set one level below maximum revenue and 2×3 boxes.

    • cseher

      Hello There!

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I would love to take a look at what you are seeing, and see if we can’t remedy any issues! Please feel free to email me directly with your site URL, and I’ll investigate this right away!

  • cseher

    Hello there Mandi,

    Would you be willing to email me? I would love to provide that information to you directly, and I am also working on a post that is itself centered around that exact information.


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