Jay Meattle

After you have upgraded/installed the all new Shareaholic plugin, you may need to configure your settings. But do not worry – this is very quick and easy. And there are some awesome new features!

  1. In your WordPress sidebar on the left, click on “Shareaholic” (near the bottom).
  2. You will then see several placement options for our two apps along with “Edit” buttons.
  3. Choose where you would like your apps to appear: Below Post Content, Above Page Content, etc. – mix and match. You can have them appear as often or as little as you like.  Note: Index corresponds to the standard blog feed homepage only–our apps will not auto-insert on custom homepages. You can use the app’s special manual shortcode for placement in your homepage’s corresponding template.
  4. To change the look of your app, press the “Edit” button beside the designated placement. Note: Each placement is completely separate – meaning you can customize each one to look however you want! :D

For Share Buttons:

  • Change the theme, size, counters, and even the headline intro of your buttons!screenshot-3
  • Choose whichever services you want displayed! Select as many or as few as you like. Note: The share-bar conforms to the width of the container in which it loads. In other words, they are now 100% responsive (aka “mobile-ready”) which means it will adapt to whatever screen size or device (iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop) your visitor has.
  • Do not want to display all those sharing sites but hesitant to limit social networks? No worries – the “View All Services” button is another, automatically included, cool feature that allows readers to share your site to ANY of the services provided by Shareaholic. No more limitations and greater sharing activity! :)multi-share-panel-standalone-1

For Recommendations/Related content:

  • Change your Headline Text – now 100% customizable!
  • Adjust the look/theme of your recommendations, from outright snazzy to just a simple hyperlink list.
  • Recommendations are now responsive (aka “mobile-ready”) as well! They will also adapt to whatever screen size or device (iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop) your visitor has.


A few of the options under General Website Settings:

  • Customize your Tweet template along with your preferred URL shortening service.
  • Need to remove certain pages from being recommended in the Related Content app? Set up your own custom “Pages to exclude” list here.


And with your FREE Shareaholic account, you’ll have access to even more features!

Just as a reminder, in case you have any problems with installation, upgrade, or have more questions, please visit our helpdesk and we’ll get back to you lickedy-split. We’re standing by.

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243 Responses to “Understanding the new Shareaholic for WordPress interface and configuration settings”

  1. Magda van Tilburg says:

    This new update is SO timespilling to understand. It takes hours to discover all limited features outside WP and to check the site on all browsers, because they all react differently. On Firefox the indexpage does not show the icons at all!!

    MOST ANNOYING: Still I cannot find the option TO CENTER the icons on each page, nor does the smaller size option work.

    Also the red badges in the right upper corner are ugly, the former white numbers left under were much more stylish!!!

    I really consider abandoning this beautiful plug-in which I was SO content with. It almost feels hostile, this big change…. Also because there is this new big forum and I really don’t know where to find these simple adjustments, which were inside the WP-engine/plugin-editor.

    I’m only a WP-dummie and cannot find my way in all the info on this blog.
    So sorry!!

    Best wishes,
    Magda van Tilburg

    • Jay says:

      Hi Magda, as promised yesterday, we have released the fix for Firefox and slew of other updates based on all the feedback we’re getting. It should all work as expected now!

      Instructions on how to center the icons can be found here:


      You can now also access the settings without an account and share to Facebook pages, etc.

      We hope you give us another try! We are working very hard to get V7 up to par quickly based on all your feedback!! It may not seem like it now, because of all the big admin interface changes, but rest assured this is a much much faster, better and robust underlying product. We’re just working our way through making the admin interface experience a lot better.

      Helpdesk: http://support.shareaholic.com | support@shareaholic.com

    • Paula says:

      omg, I’m the say way! Hate the new one, I cannot get my fb and twitter accounts connected!! About to ‘quit them’!

      • Jay says:

        Hi Paula, we have released a new update that should fix these issues. Can you please upgrade, delete your browser cache so you have the latest code, and try again? Please let us know how it goes!

  2. Allison says:

    This new update just doesn’t make sense. The clicking on the “edit” button does absolutely nothing. I cannot edit what social networks to add or delete. I cannot change anything. I connected my facebook account because it said there were more options (but I’ve seen none) but I cannot turn it off, now. Please fix all these silly bugs.

    • Jay says:

      Hi Allison, which version are you using? We just released v7.0.2.0 which should solve most of this. If you’re still facing an issue with the “edit” button we would really appreciate an email to support@shareaholic.com. I have a few questions that are more appropriately addressed directly.

      • neli says:

        I just downloaded the new release but still having the same issue as Allison. Pushing “Edit” does nothing…

        • Jay Meattle says:

          Hi Neli, Can you please try clearing the browser cache to see if that fixes the issue?

        • Janine says:

          At first it worked for me but updating the plugin doesn’t get me anywhere right now. “Edit” Button doesn’t work. And please add the “center” Button as well as the possibility to deactivate the “shareholic” button at my sharebutton ist. Couldn’t find where to turn that one off…

          But at least…yayyyyy~ the Update is there. I am happy when the last bugs are fixed. :)


        • Jay Meattle says:

          Hi Janine we just pushed out an update that I think you’ll like!

          With version You can now –

          – center, left or right align the buttons.
          – added support for custom headers for share buttons
          – you can now on / off toggle the “More Options” share button
          – A host of fixes for the unresponsive “Edit Button” and “General Website Settings” button bug (If you’re still facing this issue, please contact us)

        • Vital says:

          Still not working. – dead “Edit” buttons; button styles – horrible; will go to WP website to down-vote it if I don’t get a response here

        • Vital says:

          [13:39:51.656] TypeError: Shareaholic.click_objects is undefined @ …/admin.php?page=shareaholic-settings:469

        • @Vital – Try emptying your cache and reload the Available Apps screen. If you are still having trouble with the Edit button responsiveness, reopen your browser and then check if the problem is affecting all of the active buttons on this settings page.

          The button styles can be changed in the Edit panel, which is triggered by pressing the various Edit buttons. We just need to figure out why you are having trouble with opening the panel.

          Also, make sure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser settings. This is required for button responsiveness.

    • same here all bugs and nonsens solutions, old version is 100% better

  3. Andrew says:

    No white label version?

    Can’t find an option.

    • Jay says:

      Andrew, For Recommendations app, you can remove the small attribution link in the “General Website Settings” panel. Is there anything else you’re looking for?

  4. Jari says:

    I TOTALLY DISLIKE the new version and am tempted to remove it from all my sites…the layout sucks swamp water and the lack of control on configuration has been removed (I can’t even center the buttons anymore). Plus it takes up a LOT of resources when loading a WordPress Page much less going into the plug-in settings. Give me back the older versions!

    • Jay Meattle says:

      Hi @a873fd0e104a01c6f2ae0c2cf601b5bb:disqus
      We just pushed out an update. With version you can now –

      – center, left or right align the buttons.
      – added support for custom headers for share buttons
      – you can now on / off toggle the “More Options” share button
      – A host of fixes for the unresponsive “Edit Button” and “General Website Settings” button bug (If you’re still facing this issue, please contact us)

      Please make sure to delete your browser cache post-upgrade to ensure you’re running the latest code.

  5. g says:

    Q: & how you can control the alignment of the buttons? left, right, center?

    • Jay says:

      @462012d2fa50a8ad987e26e2dc769627:disqus we plan to release an update that will allow you to align the buttons later this week.

  6. StudioSelf says:

    Now I have a [sexyshare] short code at the bottom of EVERY SINGLE POST ON MY BLOG and it’s useless! Do you know how long it took me to insert that – only to now have to edit/remove it from every individual post? – I don’t want to do that.

    Please support the old shortcodes!

  7. yurckk says:

    It’s seems the plugin is bit buggy at my site.. it has “»” symbol on each icon. And another problem, when sharing using facebook, some of posts doesn’t have a thumbnail while each of my post already has a featured image (which worked on the previous version)

    • Jay says:

      @yurckk this is easy to fix. This usually means there is a CSS style conflict. Would you mind sharing a sample URL of your website where this is happening so we can take a look, indentify the conflict and release a fix? — jay@shareaholic.com

  8. Liz says:

    Since I updated the plugin, the counts are gone. Anyway to restore them?

    • Jay says:

      Liz, We tried out best to migrate all settings over, but this may have been left behind. Please make sure they are turned “on” by going into plugin settings -> Edit -> Turn on counters

      (there is a screenshot above in the post of the new share button configuration panel)

  9. Mrplantingourpennies says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve used this plugin for a while now and really like it. But could you bring back the “center” button? I tried the method described by creign in the forum, but it didn’t work for me.

    Mr. PoP

  10. Jackie says:

    Jay – I just sent you a message regarding the buttons not working on my website, except for Twitter and View all Services. Interesting how they don’t work on this post for yours either. If someone is wanting to share on FB, I would not expect them to have to click the Twitter link to share via FB, so this needs to get corrected. Also, for all the other ones like Linked In, the buttons just don’t work at all, so no sharing can happen, which obviously makes this app useless. I think it should at least work on your site and I should be able to share your post via FB when I click the button, but I can’t. Anyone else having this issue? Please fix!

    • Jay says:

      Hi @1dae9f06624ed1fa62012c1be819fa86:disqus make sure to clear your browser cache to ensure you’ve picked up the latest code. All sharing should be working, including to Facebook pages, profiles, etc.

  11. Jackie says:

    Jay – I also just tried changing the layout to have the buttons show above the post. When I check off above post, the Edit button does not activate so I can’t do anything with it. On top of that the Below the Post button stays checked. Seems like this new version you released has way too many bugs and is just not working. I will have to move back to Huspo until you fix it. Please let us know when you do and I’ll gladly come back.

    • Jay Meattle says:

      Hi Jackie

      We just pushed out an update which hopefully fixes these issues for you.

      With version you can now –

      – center, left or right align the buttons.
      – added support for custom headers for share buttons
      – you can now on / off toggle the “More Options” share button
      – A host of fixes for the unresponsive “Edit Button” and “General Website Settings” button bug (If you’re still facing this issue, please contact us)

      Please make sure to delete your browser cache post-upgrade to ensure you’re running the latest code.

  12. Zach says:

    I like some of the new options, but i have two major issues with the update. First, how do you alter the alignment of the buttons? I want them centered. The only option is to manually add the short code into each page, which is rather ridiculous. Secondly, where did the top bar go? I liked that option. I am considering finding another plugin for my social purposes. Yes, the buttons look better, but if there are missing layout options, what is the point? That’s like saying, I can’t put them where they need to go, but boy they look good. Altogether, the plugin will be fine once the bugs are worked out, but that may take a while, I’m afraid. I shouldn’t have updated my plugin quite yet. I might try to download and reinstall the previous version.

    • Jay says:

      Zach, we hear you – we’re adding the center alignment option to the plugin. In the meantime, you can still center the icons via CSS – http://support.shareaholic.com/entries/24793128-How-to-Center-your-Share-Buttons

      • Diane says:

        I was just coming here to ask about alignment too.

        • Jay says:

          @dwalline:disqusComing soon! We expect to release this feature later today. Left/center/right align.

        • Jay Meattle says:

          Hi @dwalline:disqus , we just pushed out an update that I think you’ll like!

          With version you can now –

          – center, left or right align the buttons.
          – added support for custom headers for share buttons
          – you can now on / off toggle the “More Options” share button
          – A host of fixes for the unresponsive “Edit Button” and “General Website Settings” button bug (If you’re still facing this issue, please contact us)

    • Jay Meattle says:

      Hi @45c42186a9b449e8f8d6cf434ed55f30:disqus , we just pushed out an update that I think you’ll like!

      With version you can now –

      – center, left or right align the buttons.
      – added support for custom headers for share buttons
      – you can now on / off toggle the “More Options” share button
      – A host of fixes for the unresponsive “Edit Button” and “General Website Settings” button bug (If you’re still facing this issue, please contact us)

  13. Rob Logan says:

    What happened to the Facebook LIKE and Google +1 buttons? I loved having these at the top of my post, but it appears that I can only use SHARE buttons now.

    • Diane says:

      Yes, I was just wondering the same thing. I liked having Like and G+ at
      the top of the post, and the rest of the sharing options at the bottom!

      • transfeo says:

        Exactly what I was doing. The readers are used to the Facebook like, Google +1, twitter and linkedin buttons. Is there any option to use these (as shareholic does at its OWN blog!). Thanks

    • Marco Action says:

      Yes please, I am also looking for that. shareholic seems to be very nice, I like the design and customability, but why would you not include the like and g+ buttons??? Were they included in earlier versions?

  14. Daszz says:

    What about other languages?

  15. Kim says:

    I’m having the same issues as everyone else. I think the older version was much more stylish. The red badges above are kind of unsightly. I much preferred the white numbers below. I just updated to the latest version and the edit buttons still don’t work? As bad as I hate too, I just may have to change altogether. I loved the older version!

    • creign says:

      Hey Kim,

      If you are still having problems with accessing the Edit screen, make sure you have our latest release installed, JavaScript enabled and that you have cleared your browser cache.

      As for the share count styles, we offer several button and counter style options. Version 7 is also extremely customizable if you’d like to apply your own CSS to make the buttons match your site’s look. Just add your custom styles into your theme’s stylesheet targeting the class or id selectors in our apps. The red badge can become black, blue, purple, yellow, absolutely anything you’d like. :)

  16. Jamie says:

    How do I get rid of [sexyshare] which shows up on every post above the share buttons?

  17. Jessie Werner says:

    This update doesn’t work. All share buttons disappeared after I made the update and when I go to the settings I get “It appears that we are having some trouble setting up Shareaholic for
    WordPress right now. This is usually temporary. Please revisit this
    section after a few minutes or click “retry” now.” This message keeps coming during last 6 days…

  18. Bradley Anderson says:

    This update is absolutely lousy. I’ll go back to using my old share plugin, thanks.

  19. Marian says:

    I think I change because I don’t like the new style. Why cannot make the icon sexy in mini size? This is too big on my site. And why not mini have a counter? Why did you choose you can’t change everything?

  20. Kasia says:

    How can I center Share Buttons (in settings).

    • Jay Meattle says:

      Hi @kasia we just pushed out an update that I think you’ll like!

      With version you can now –

      – center, left or right align the buttons.
      – added support for custom headers for share buttons
      – you can now on / off toggle the “More Options” share button
      – A host of fixes for the unresponsive “Edit Button” and “General Website Settings” button bug (If you’re still facing this issue, please contact us)

  21. Will says:

    I have read through these comments and you still have not addressed the issue with the like and +1 buttons at the top of the posts. Will you please respond and let us know when you will be bringing this back? The new interface is much easier to understand than the old, but PLEASE, don’t fix what’s not broken!

  22. Matt says:

    I turned Recommendations over a week ago, and it has been sitting at “Processing” ever since. How can I debug this?

  23. Jessie Werner says:

    Have the same problems with the new version, I am getting “Retry later” message and cannot change any settings. There are no recommendations and any share buttons on the website….

  24. Jay C. Conti says:

    I am still unable to have the post to twitter button to work (as in the older versio)

  25. Tiffany says:

    Hello I am having trouble with the new Shareaholic plugin, I did the update and nothing appears on my site! What do I do??

  26. Lena says:

    There are some great aspects of this update, I just think the bugs need working out. I am digging the Recommendations feature a lot! I just wish you could select which urls you’d like to be recommended rather than just the urls you want blocked. We have 1,000 posts on http://www.PsychAlive.org, so I’d have to enter hundreds of urls in the blocked section just to narrow down to the ones I would most want to appear.

  27. Thiago says:

    How can we translate the “Share” buttons and the images (Share the knowledge)?

  28. invisiblebusinesswoman says:

    My critiques:

    1: It’s so annoying to have to edit the layout in 4 different sections (Post, Page, Index, Category) instead of all in one place. Sure, changing the layout for each has its benefits, but a single settings page, instead of clicking through 4 times makes more sense.

    2: Don’t like that I need to connect my FB account to make some simple changes (like removing the “Powered by Shareaholic” attribution). If the developers want compensation, I’d rather pay for the plugin than be forced to link to my FB account, since I don’t know whether they’ll be posting things on my wall I don’t want.

    3: Even though they’re enabled for the blog index page, the buttons don’t show there.

    4: Really wish the Facebook Like and G+ buttons were still there.

  29. Dalton says:

    Me too it says “Data Status: Processing”.

    • Jay Meattle says:

      We’ve had a load of publishers join in the past few days and the cluster of servers that process the related content / recommendations data are running a bit behind with the additional load. Please email support@shareaholic.com with your domain and we can take a look at if we can do anything to speed it up for you!

  30. o2xav says:


    This new update finally seems to make sense, but where are the simple “like” buttons?

    Sharing is nice, but we need the simple “like” facebook button too.
    Are you working on it? Or has it been definitly disabled?

    • o2xav says:

      oh, i forgot to mention two issues i have with V7.0.3:

      i get a 404 error page inside the jquery popup when i try to edit the related posts options, may have something to do with my wp setup

      And i had to edit the plugin’s code since my setup does not use the usual /wp-content/ path for security purpose

  31. Facebook , google plus, deli , myspace dont wok at all. new version is full of bug.

    • Hi Bogdan,
      Are you still having trouble sharing with Facebook and Google Plus? When you mention ‘deli’, do you mean Delicious? All of these share buttons should be redirecting you to a content submission form. As for MySpace, they’ve recently redone their entire site; so, we have removed MySpace from the available options until we can review the changes that affected the sharing function.

  32. mahmudur says:

    where is the topbar in the update? and recommendation shows default imgaes not the images of the post. edit function is not saving anything. p.s. these are the result after installing the lastest.

    • Hi mahmudur,
      Were you able to get your settings to save? This was probably a caching issue, but if you are still having this problem with our latest release, please let me know.

      The TopBar feature that was available in v6 is no longer offered in v7, BUT our rewritten apps have been designed to allow greater customization possibilities for web designers, web developers, and those who like to tinker. You can use the app shortcodes to place your configured apps anywhere in your theme and even build your own custom topbar to match your preferences with the use of some HTML, CSS, and maybe a little JavaScript if you’d like to animate the scrolling hide/show function. I encourage you to explore the possibilities, and just a tip, Google search is a great place to start if you’d like to research the different ways people have found to build similar features.

      Concerning the Related Content thumbnails, if this issue hasn’t been corrected, I’d like to take a look. Thanks!

  33. Thanks for the help great new look but a little confusing or lack of options

    • Hi Robert,
      Have you been able to figure out how to fully utilize and access all of your available options in the settings panel? We’ve cleaned up the interface, but have included even more options than what was available in v6. I’m happy to answer any questions if you need additional assistance! :)

      • Hi Celeste,
        Yes I have found the available options-just a little too simple to use I guess-thank you for your time and take care.
        Robert Connor

        • Robert, if we’ve missed anything that you were hoping to have included as an option, please let us know. We are still refining the plugin and feedback helps guide our direction. Input from the community shapes the vision of Shareaholic.

  34. Monica says:

    I’m having trouble getting the Recommendations to appear below my blog posts.

  35. Amanda says:

    How Long is it going to say “processing” on the bottom. And I signed up for the free account so I could choose from other themes and I can’t figure out how to do that

  36. Pixie Dust Savings says:

    I have added some post url’s in to be excluded in the related content- but those pages/posts are still showing up. I will add the URL, save it, and then when I go back into it the url I added disappears.
    Not sure if I am liking all the changes. Seems to slow down my site overall.

  37. Marcus says:

    Well, update doesn’t do what it should do. Sharing buttons and recommendations just appear on a randomised basis, sometimes only after reloading the page. Facebook button is the only one visible although ther should be twitter and Google+ too. Something is really weird with that.

    • Jay Meattle says:

      Marcus, if you can send us a sample URL where the apps are installed, we can take a look — support@shareaholic.com thanks!

      • Marianne says:

        Mine is acting the same way. It only shows up some of the time and sometimes I have to refresh the page. This is in FF. My readers are not going to know they need to do that.

        And now neither my share buttons NOR recommended posts are showing up in Chrome at all. I have cleared cache and restarted the browser too.

        I see several comments on clearing cache on the plugin? How do you do that? I haven’t found anything on how to do this.

        I am using Version: on WP 3.6

  38. Martin says:

    If you view my site on firefox the buttons do not work.

    Only the twitter button works.

    • Mark says:

      I had the same problem when I upgraded last week. Configuring was fine but the buttons didn’t work, except for Twitter.

      I reinstalled a backup of the previous version.

  39. This was such a terrific plugin, please fix it. Settings cannot be updated – thank Goodness they are fine – and where is the Facebook Like button? Your description still says “Full support for Facebook Like Button”…

    • Hi,
      Thank you for pointing out the issue with our plugin description. I passed this information along to the team to have it addressed.

      Now, are you still having problems with saving your settings? Is the issue when you re-enter the Edit panel (where the changes you made have not been saved) or when you view your site after applying changes (and do not see that the changes have taken affect)?

  40. Yaa B says:

    I wish I hadn’t updated :/ Now I have two sharing counter on posts. When I remove the manual php code as recommended, no buttons show. When I leave it in place, they show up twice.

    What happened to customizing the counter with your own colors?.

    • Hi Yaa, I’d love to take a closer look at the visibility issue. If you wouldn’t mind contacting me directly by sending a ‘request’ through our support center, that would be great: https://support.shareaholic.com

      Also, our v7 release is even more customizable than v6. We didn’t have counter color customization then, but you can easily adjust the colors in v7 by overriding styles with your own custom styles. Make sure to mention this when contacting us through the support center if you need assistance.

  41. Dog Breed Standards says:

    It works great !! no problem.. check it implemented

    on http://www.dogbreedstandards.com

  42. Stephen Arnold says:

    see it implemented. works great !

  43. Curtis says:

    With the new “up-grade” my recommendations buttons are huge. I hate the look of them. I cannot select the mini size; it is not an option on the edit button. How can I get them back to the original small size?
    Plus, all of the recent changes are very frustrating. I do not want to keep changing things on my site.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Curtis,
      Just like our older version 6, once your settings have been saved, you won’t need to worry about losing them while updating. The reason it is necessary to configure version 7+ after the upgrade from version 6 is that our apps have been completely rewritten with a ton of new features that require your consideration, but there is also an out-of-the-box configuration that will get our apps on your site immediately using the default settings if you’d like to skip customization or save it for later.

      As for the recommendations issue, would it be possible to direct me to a page where I can take a closer look? The recommendations should be the same size as the ones you see on this post.

  44. Ana says:

    Hello, somehow the buttons are blank on my site, and you can only see the number of times it has been shared.

  45. Kirill says:

    there is a huge distance between my content and the plugin. How can minimize the margin or padding?

  46. Giulio Menna says:

    I’m really enjoying the new release. It works perfectly and the style is modern. The only issue I have is that deleted posts keep showing up. I solved the problem by telling the plugin not to show them, but I wonder what I have to do to fix it effectively.

  47. Mignon says:

    Love this plugin! Are Instagram and Flickr going to be available? Or did I miss them? Thanks!

  48. Madeleine says:

    I am not yet happy with this new version. First of all whatever I change to the settings, the shareaholic bar no longer shows on my blog. Second, on every single WP page in my WP Admin, I get this green bar right across my page and blocking out other content, stating that I have just uploaded Shareaholic and should get started now…? What is not going well?

    • Hi Madeleine,
      From what you have described, it sounds like you may have been running into a caching issue if you had already activated our plugin within the green notification box after adding Shareaholic to your WP panel. Just in case you are still running into this problem, try emptying your browser cache. If the message is still there, interact with it (again) to see if it goes away. Once the message is no longer present, try adjusting your settings again to see if your changes save. Then, empty all caches in any caching plugins, along with your browser cache before scanning your site to see if our apps are now visible. If things still aren’t working on your end, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to take a look.

  49. marion says:

    why can’t i get buttons to show up on ipad and iphones?

  50. Mama Kautz says:

    so. none of those screen shots appear on my update. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Cleared cache. nothing. I had to install a totally different sharing system. HELP!

  51. Adele says:

    I have a blog I administer that has a static front page and a blog post page. The share buttons appear on each blog post (at the bottom where I asked for them) but not at the end of the posts when you look on the blog post page. Is this a bug?

  52. youn hyun Rho. says:

    hello. I, m youn hyun Rho.
    Thank your service..
    One Question.
    I installed shareaholic(facebook, twitter, youtube..). So l can see shareaholic button on making new page. But But I could not see shareaholic button on view page..
    Please tell me how to solve this question.
    thank you. have a nice day.

  53. YOUN HYUN RHO says:

    hello. I, m youn hyun Rho.
    Thank your service..
    One Question.
    I installed shareaholic…So l can see shareaholic button on making new page. But But I could not see shareaholic button on view page..
    Please tell me how to solve this question.
    thank you. have a nice day.

  54. Sara Hazeldine says:

    My share buttons are just not appearing at the bottom of my posts anymore…..

  55. Marius says:

    Hi there.

    Since i’ve installed the v7.0.3.1 my blog is loading very very very slow.

    If i deactivate the shareaholic plugin, it loads fast, like it should.

    Why is that?

    Why does it take so muck time to load? (PS: i only have 3 social share buttons: fb, tw & blogger)

    • Jay Meattle says:

      Marius, shoot us an email over at support@shareaholic.com with your website and we’ll take a look!

    • Jay Meattle says:

      As mentioned above:

      Marius, looking at your browser console log, it looks like the slow down is because of all the calls to Twitter, Facebook, etc to get share counts. There will be one call to each service for each post on a page. Shareaholic pings these services directly for the most up to date counts. Try turning off counters completely (at least for the index page) – and your page should load a lot faster as you won’t be making all those API calls anymore.

  56. transfeo says:

    Isn´t it possible to use translations anymore? I do not want to see “other options”. I want it translated to my own language. It was working before…

  57. Robin says:

    I noticed that several people have asked about the LIKE buttons but there is no response.

  58. transfeo says:

    Please, return with the simple Facebook like, Google +1, twitter (and linkedin) buttons. Tks.

  59. jguajardo says:

    upgrade to wp 3.6 but I can not make the buttons appear on the post

  60. Marius says:

    i installed v of shareaholic on a wordpress 3.6

    It makes the pages load very slow.
    If i deactivate the plugin all is working just fine.

    “Well-engineered code won’t slow or block your pages from loading.” – this is what they say.
    But is it true? Because my pages are not loading like they should.
    And it’s only because of the plugin.

    • Jay Meattle says:

      Marius, the plugin is loading just fine for tens of thousands of sites. Regardless, we would like to help sort this out for you! Are there any conflicts with other plugins? Did you try deactivating other plugins to check for conflicts? Does your browser console indicate what is slowing down your page? Feel free to shoot us over your website address and we can also take a look.

      • Marius says:

        Hy. This is my blog: http://blog.salesman-pride.com/

        I checked for conflicts and i have none. I deactivated other plugins i’m using, and the result is the same. Only when i deactivate Shareaholic the blog is loading faster.
        I also sent a mail to support@shareaholic.com .
        The answer: “We have since updated version 7 to be much faster. Please check that you have the newest update of this version and try again. :) ”
        I now have the latest version (, it’s working, but have the same problem with my page speed.
        i think i’ll downgrade to version That one worked perfect on my blog.

        If you have other tips, let me know.


        • Jay Meattle says:

          Marius, looking at your browser console log, it looks like the slow down is because of all the calls to Twitter, Facebook, etc to get share counts. There will be one call to each service for each post on a page. Shareaholic pings these services directly for the most up to date counts. Try turning off counters completely (at least for the index page) – and your page should load a lot faster as you won’t be making all those API calls anymore.

        • Marius says:

          Jay, i did that. It had no effect.

          The only think to do is limit the posts that appear on homepage from 5 to maybe 1 or 2 to get more speed (but thats not cool).

          Is there any other way to cancel the pings to those services beside the admin shareaholic settings (turning off counters completely – this didn’t do the trick) ?

        • Jay Meattle says:

          Marius, counters are still turned on in your settings for the index. Did you click “save settings” after making the change?

        • Marius says:

          I turned them back off now. You can take a look. (PS: i turned them back on after i tested).

        • Marius says:


  61. Marius says:

    Looks like not even the uploader on this site is not working well….

  62. akshay naik says:

    i just love new plugin and design and features. it has helped my blog to be no. 1 blog in goa , india. thanks shareholic for providing such blog thanks etechexplorer goa

  63. ewa says:

    hi, sorry but the buttons on the home site don’t seem to work. it is still processing after almost 7 hours. could you please fix it?
    and i cannot see recommendations on my home page.

    i already deleted the plugin and loaded it again and still the same problem. please see homedecoruae.com. otherwise the stuff is great.

  64. Helen says:

    How do I turn it off on individual pages, like I used to be able to do? I don’t seem to have the flexibility I used to …

  65. Shanae says:

    Where is the Facebook LIKE button. I’ve seen several people ask but I don’t see an answer…….

  66. Sascha says:

    I got no buttons on Chrome for iOS. Safari works fine.

  67. Carolina Lallana says:

    I have my site in spanish, but the phrase “You may also like” appears in English. Where should I go to change it? I don’t have the manu shown above

  68. beniemang says:

    your plugin is the best in social network, i’ve used. THank you ;^)

  69. Pauly says:

    Hi, I used Shareaholic on my website, but the share buttons don’t appear on mobile devices when you visit my website. I also don’t see any settings to select/deselect this option.

    Does anyone know what the issue is with this?


  70. dan says:

    Wow, way to ruin the sharing plugin that didn’t suck, where the hell did all the settings go? I can’t even remove that annoying “sharing is caring” text, it’s ridiculous.

  71. David Lynch says:

    I like the ideas behind the new Shareaholic and especially the ability to choose what to omit from related items – looong overdue!

    However, when I reinstalled Shareaholic I found that I don’t get any of the options to edit the share buttons or related content that are shown above.
    It’s really frustrating because with the new ability to choose related content I would have chosen Shareaholic over any other sharing plugin.

  72. Manolo says:

    I’m getting this error: Strict Standards: Declaration of tpw_default::tp_widget_do() should be compatible with transposh_base_widget::tp_widget_do() in /var/www/msalsas/wp-content/plugins/transposh-translation-filter-for-wordpress/widgets/default/tpw_default.php on line 51.
    Any idea of what can solve it?

  73. Manolo says:

    Sorry!! I have the wrong one. Could you delete the post?

  74. W.Bey says:

    To the good people at Shareaholic,
    I’ve been experiencing some problems using your plugin on my site, since I installed the most recent upgrade.

    The related content links all have the same content now. I’ve tried clearing
    the cache on my browser and that didn’t help. The links also seem to be
    larger now, no matter what style I select
    Also, the share buttons appear to be larger
    and are a distraction from the content on my site. I’ve tried to change the
    size of the buttons to mini, with no success.
    I really liked using your plugin before the upgrade and I hope we can find
    a solution, so I can continue using your service. I’ve already emailed support and received no response. Ticket #4242

    Please help.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.


  75. W.Bey says:

    Unfortunately, after receiving no response to my email or comment, I’ve had to deactivate this plugin. I’d still like to feature related content on my site, the way the old version of shareaholic did so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know.
    Thank you!

  76. Shannon Hawk says:

    The share buttons aren’t showing up on any i phone’s like they were before. Can you please help me with this? Thanks

  77. Noel says:

    In terms of recomendations, Is there any way to limit it 3 blog posts?

  78. Vanessa says:

    Hi, I just installed this plugin as I’ve heard and read such great things about it but after installing it and activating it and checking the settings etc… there’s absolutely nothing showing up. I’ve cleared the cache, read the trouble shooting guide. Perhaps it’s because it is a custom child theme? the child theme is based off of twenty eleven theme. I’m not sure how to insert the short codes into the posts? etc. thanks!

  79. P says:

    Where is the Analytics you mentioned?

  80. P says:

    I think you mean the counting of shares? I thought you meant some sort of website visitor tracking came integrated into the plugin.

  81. sandre says:

    Hi, I use WordPress. In the “You May Also Like” section, how do I ensure that Shareaholic shows only POSTS… not pages?

  82. johnny says:

    Someone can tell me if the disappeared additional buttons in latest version (e.g. “Like” on fb or G+) could be found elsewhere, please?
    Any help would be gratly appreciated.

    • unsubscribe to Understanding the new Shareaholic for WordPress interface and configuration settings

      Kind regards,

      Subject: Re: New comment posted on Understanding the new Shareaholic for WordPress interface and configuration settings

  83. Mark Monforti says:

    Can I get share button on my main page instead of having to go into the post to share?

  84. Alvaro says:

    Hey guys.
    I have a problem. Im using Woocommerce and I can’t find a way to hide the share buttons from the products description. I just have the option for Post, Page, Index and Category. Also, I have the options for individual post but those doesn’t appear for Products.
    Please help. I like Shareaholic and I dont want to deactivated.
    Thanks in advance.

  85. Why google+ icon does not show the number of share’s ?

  86. Fred Raley says:

    Just downloaded Shareaholic for WordPress v7.0.3.6 and can not find anywhere to put in my ID’s for the different social links. Help!

    • NHL23 says:

      This plugin uses each individuals accounts to share the information on your website, it’s not a social links plugin for you.

  87. Wonderful article… Nice to read this article…

  88. NHL23 says:

    I chose not to include the ‘More Options’ feature on my website, but for some reason it’s still showing. Upto date on WP Core and the Plugin. Any help?

  89. Marius says:

    Thank you for the plugin! I have troubles with the recent updates. At first, I can’t remove “sharing is caring” text – in settings, I set “no heading”, but it appears anyway. Secondly, I need to show only facebook, twitter, Google+, and “more options” – but for unknown reason I can also see Pinterest, Linkedin, Email This buttons. How these annooyances can be fixed? Website address is http://troleibusas.lt

  90. Jurgen says:

    moved from one host to another, recommendations do not show up properly and data-processing is there ever since (about 10 hours now or so) tried resetting, reinstalling, send cache to the trash. the whole shabang! no will do.
    domein http://webulous.net

  91. Exp3rto says:

    What happened to the shortcode? The plugin doesn’t seem to remember the customizations nor the social networks I want to put on my website. It always shows Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Email This and More Options, why I only want Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Please help.

  92. Dan Erickson says:

    My twitter shareaholic button stopped working three days ago and I’ve tried most everything to no avail. Any ideas? http://www.danerickson.net

  93. laura says:

    I feel confused. I have the version and I fail to set up almost nothing. Is that normal for the free version or is there something wrong with?

    • Alex says:

      Same probleme with the same version. When I click on edit nothing appens !!
      It is really anoing… you have expectation for the new uptade and finaly nothing work . !!!!
      When the problem will be fixed?

  94. joanne says:

    i’m just wondering what comment app this is. Is it available in Shareaholics also?

  95. Daniel says:

    The WP plugin does not work very well with IE10.
    E.g. pressing the share-email brings up an email form where the “from” field is empty when submitted. Works fine in chrome.
    Also in the admin there is problem. Not possible to edit the bars.

  96. Amy says:

    No Facebook Like button and pingdom and other site speed tests indicate it’s slowing my site down quite a bit. Seems like the old version looked and worked better, and did so faster.

    • Hi Amy,

      Pingdom and similar sites that scan a page to report performance aren’t the most effective tools for monitoring page load times for the modern blog, especially when using our apps.

      Caching is used in our products. Specifically, we use the same caching service that many large internet companies do to improve loadtime and performance between our servers and your site.

      On top of our own caching, most WordPress publishers use caching plugins, such as W3 Total Cache to speed up their page speeds, which also helps when loading our apps, because if the page loads other resources faster, our scripts aren’t waiting in line as long to execute.

      In addition, there are also CDNs, e.g., Cloudflare, that provide extra caching options for a site, and last, but not least, the trusty browser cache makes sure that you are only retrieving a resource from the server once and then using the static copy on subsequent loads until the resource is purged or refreshed in your local cache.

      A good way to test page load speed and see the order in which each resource loads and how long it takes to retrieve the resource is to use the Network tab in Chrome’s built-in Developer Tools. Try this after emptying your caches and then reload to try again so you can directly monitor the affects of caching on your page load time.

  97. Manuel says:

    I turned Recommendations over a week ago, and it has been sitting at “Processing” ever since. How can I debug this?
    my domanin in http://www.mydelishoes.com

  98. Joseph says:

    With the newest version ( all my related content video thumbnails are now gone. It was working great before this update, and now nothing. I am very disappointed because the related content thumbnail video’s allowed visitors to easily maneuver around my website. Now it looks like I must leave your plugin and look for other options. Very, very disappointing. In case you are wondering, the website I am referring to is http://golivevegas.com. I have your plugin on about 400 plus websites. Time to remove them. A real shame because I loved this plugin.

    • Jay Meattle says:

      Joseph, this should have been a very temporary issue ­ your images should be back. We were restarting our servers. If you’re still facing an issue, please write into support@shareaholic.com and one of our support engineers will be right on the case!

      • Joseph says:

        Sorry Jay, it’s a problem with this site and all my sites. Ever since the update, nothing is working at all, and seeing a wall with your images instead. A good example is my site http://mannypacquiaoknockout.com/ , where you will see exactly what I am talking about. Many of the sites do not even have this on there. I have to abandon this plugin as it will cause the loss of visitors to my site. Will this issue ever be fixed, or can you just go back to when it was working?

  99. Joseph says:

    I have an idea, how can I get back to the older version of this plug that “actually” worked. I’ll install it and never update it. That will solve this problem for me and everyone that’s having issues here with the update.

  100. Meilani says:

    Hi There Jay, since the update Related Content is not working. Not on any of my posts, what used to be there disappeared. I am on mac, wordpress 3.5.2, Genesis Lifestyle Child theme v.2.0.2. Please help. Thanks!

  101. Greg says:

    Guys: same issues as others are experiencing below. Version, on WP 3.6.1. “Cleared cache” as you instructed. Share buttons: Post: Edit gives no response. “Data status: processing” Thoughts?

  102. SoundReview says:

    Is it possible to exclude the sharebuttons from certain areas? I don’t want share buttons in my woocommerce shop and I can only exclude related posts.

  103. Amy says:

    Would like to see share headline in other options than RED. : ( Red totally clashes with my color theme. Therefore I am not using your plugin unless there is a fix you can tell me I am not aware of. Thanks.

  104. Di Vanheuckelom says:

    When I clear the cache it just works once and the second post i open nothing shows up. I already contacted the help desk. Their response was everything should be ok. It’s not ok at all. Please help.


  105. Di Vanheuckelom says:

    When I clear the cache it just works once and the second post i open nothing shows up. I already contacted the help desk. Their response was everything should be ok. It’s not ok at all. Please help.


    • Hi Di,

      If you haven’t yet received a response that resolves the issue, please respond on the open ticket and provide your operating system and web browser details so that the issue can be tested in an environment similar to yours to see if we can reproduce the problem on our end to better assist. Thanks!

  106. Marie Denee says:

    Is there a way to limit the amount of posts related show? I would only want 3 boxes or five posts listed

  107. Garima Shrivastava Nag says:

    Hi Jay,
    after i upgraded the plugin last night , the number of post share is not showing . although the icons are visible .Please suggest. http://www.sweetsharing.com/safe-delhi-manifesto/

  108. GregTH says:

    I noticed when going to the Shareaholic.com account that on the page “Browser Tools: Sharing networks” the list of sharing sites doesn’t display properly (FireFox v24). The list continues off the bottom of the page even dropping far below the footer. Also, I set up the Related Content/Recommendations for the posts and pages on my web site, but nothing displays even though I have dozens of posts and pages with considerable related content that could be displayed. Am I doing something wrong by just clicking on the associated radio buttons and saving the settings, but not doing anything else afterwards. Is there something else that should be done to complete the setup?

  109. Christina says:

    Hello, this plugin works great in WordPress. However, we still have to test on IE7 and the buttons do not appear there. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

  110. Just updated to and now Related Content/Recommendations has stopped working. Have unchecked and rechecked the box several times, tried different themes, nothing seems to get them to show up anymore. =/

  111. You Need says:

    hi folks i’m having an issue with shareaholic code when i place the code into my blog ‘blogger’ Template it does appear but it does not share the post Actually doesn’t Focus on the post it shares something else whatever it is image or widget or an ad i don’t know what to do or what’s the suitable place to the share buttons focus on the post ?? please any help

  112. Helina. K says:

    Hi ^.^*
    I don’t get much of the update cause i am hungry and my English is not that perfect on the IT world..( I am not Eng speaker.)
    But anyway u r handsome on the picture. ^^:
    I will get used to it, using the update one .
    And… I typed wrong my email address in the box showed up here while I browsed and have just clicked it. What can I do? The box is the one that told me You guys wil send me ebooks…

  113. Everyone who has a question about or problem using our plugin, please contact us through our support center (http://support.shareaholic.com) for more personalized and timely assistance.

    If reporting an issue, include a full description of the problem, your web address, and a URL to a specific page where the problem can be seen and/or a screenshot that displays the problem. This will help us help you much more quickly.

    Please, refrain from commenting on this post with troubleshooting questions. Thank you.

  114. TimBoffe says:

    On my website http://www.letsbenomads.com, the buttons don’t appear when I use my ipad. Any idea why? Also recommendations don’t appear..

  115. Fiona Chan says:

    Oh man where is the Facebook Like or Google +1 button? What a disappoinment.

  116. Trish says:

    I just noticed that you are placing ADS on my site???? What the heck is that about?? I looked at my “related content” buttons – which has always been more of my own content – and there were recommendations for Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks?


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